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‘Eadnokka Answers

Dogs or cats?

Neever! Don’t get me wrong, I got nothin’ against cats and dogs. They can be loyal companions and all that, but Gryph-Hounds, they’re somethin’ else entirely!

Ya see, Gryph-Hounds are a mix of an Eagle and a dog. They’re fierce, fast, and ready for action. I mean, c’mon, ya can’t deny that combo is pretty darn amazin’! Imagine ridin’ into battle on a mighty Gryph-Hound, pouncin’ down on yer foes, and bringin’ da WAAAGH! right to ’em. Cats and dogs can’t do that, now can they?

Plus, Gryph-Hounds are known for their keen senses. They can sniff out danger from miles away and detect all sorts of magical shenanigans. Who needs a guard dog when ya got a Gryph-Hound keepin’ watch? They’re like the ultimate protectors, defendin’ ya from anythin’ that dares threaten ya.

And let’s not forget their loyalty. Once a Gryph-Hound bonds wif ya, they’re ride or die, just like true Orruks. Cats may do their own thing, and dogs can be a bit too eager for belly rubs, but Gryph-Hounds, they’re all about their chosen companion.

Lastly, Gryph-Hounds are unique, me mate. They’re creatures of magic and wonder, roamers of the fantastical realms. Ya won’t find ’em in yer everyday pet shop, that’s for sure! They add a touch of the extraordinary to yer life, a reminder that we’re livin’ in a world of endless possibilities and fantastic creatures.

So, while cats and dogs are gud in their own right, Gryph-Hounds are a whole different breed. They bring adventure, loyalty, and magic into yer life, and that’s why, in the fantastical realm of Age of Sigmar, Gryph-Hounds are somethin’ truly special.

WAAAGHin’ wif Gryph-Hound spirit,