The Last ‘Orruk’ Kingdom – A Reimagining…

A terrible reimagining of The Last Kingdom book by Bernard Cornwell for the Age of Sigmar setting…..

Osbert is the second son of Ealdorman Uhtred, Lord of Bebbanburg in Ulgu. Orruks arrive on Bebbanburg’s shores, and Ealdorman Uhtred’s first son, also called Uhtred, is killed while scouting. Ealdorman Uhtred renames Osbert as Uhtred son of Uhtred. Ealdorman Uhtred is killed during a disastrous attack on Orruk-seized Eoferwic and his son is captured by Orruk Megaboss Badgutz the Spleenchew. Badgutz, amused by the boy’s bravery during the battle, keeps him as a thrall. Uhtred’s uncle, Ælfric, takes Bebbanburg and usurps the title of Ealdorman from Uhtred, the rightful heir.

Uhtred befriends Badgutz’s youngest spawn, Notsobadgutz, and has many clashes with one orruk in particular, Grimgor, spawn of Starey McLaserface, one of Badgutz’s boat boyz. One day, Grimgor kidnaps Badgutz’s spawn, Grimaxe. Uhtred charges Grimgor, taking Grimgor’s stabba and attacking him with it. Uhtred, Notsobadgutz, and Grimaxe escape back to Badgutz’s hall. Badgutz dismisses Starey McLaserface from his service when Starey McLaserface makes light of his spawn’s behaviour. He also crushes one of Grimgor’s eyes with the hilt of his stabba – adding darkly that he would have crushed both, had Grimgor stripped Grimaxe completely naked.

Uhtred, along with Badgutz and the Orruks, then goes raiding across Ghur, and participates in the conquests of Shyish and Ghur, and the invasion of Aqshy. He is kidnapped by a Sigmarite Priest, Beocca, an old family friend. He then escapes from Aqshy and rejoins Badgutz. Uhtred enjoys life with the Orruks, even after Notsobadgutz dies due to a long sickness, but flees after Starey McLaserface and his boyz set fire to Badgutz’s hall and kill everyone who tries to flee. Badgutz remains inside, preferring to die on his terms rather than at Starey McLaserface’s hands. Starey McLaserface abducts Grimaxe.

Uhtred hopes to escape Starey McLaserface’s boyz by spreading the rumour that he too died in the hall burning. Uhtred then joins King Alfred in Aqshy. There he learns to read and write, and sails with Alfred’s fleet of 12 ships against the Orruks. After a battle with the Orruks, he meets Badgutz the Worst, Megaboss Badgutz’s eldest spawn, and tells him how his daddy died and that Grimaxe was kidnapped. They part friends, swearing that one day they will band together to take revenge on Starey McLaserface and rescue Grimaxe. Seeking to take command of the fleet, Uhtred gains it on the condition that he marries the orphaned Aqshy girl Mildrith. He is not told that, by marrying her, he will also assume her family’s very large debt to the Sigmarite Church. Afterwards, he takes part in a siege against ‘Eadnokka, and is among a group of hostages exchanged when the Orruks and Humans make peace. Staying with the Orruks in the city over the winter, he again meets Badgutz, who saves him from death when ‘Eadnokka breaks the peace and murders the other Human hostages. Uhtred then escapes to find his wife. She was taken by Gnashrak the Worst, another Aqshy Megaboss, to the north. There he fights in the Battle of Fukwit, where Uhtred kills the renowned Orruk leader Gorsprakk in single combat.

Uhtred then rides with his men to Hammerhal to find his wife and newborn son, instead of going directly to inform Alfred of his victory.

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