Introduction: Peter ‘Dutchy’ Holland

Hello! It’s only been ten months since I started this website, so perhaps I should tell you a little about myself?

I’ve been an avid Warhammer fan since the tender age of 11 when my parents bought me the 2md edition Warhammer 40k boxed set. That boxed set with its artwork is the reason I fell in love with Blood Angels.

From there my collection and love of wargaming spiralled into Fantasy, Necromunda and Warmaster as they got released. Recently, thanks to Declan, I’ve refound my love for Warmaster and have started to collect Dwarfs once more.

Some of my Warmaster Dwarfs

Living in Northamptonshire, UK I’m spoilt for gaming clubs near me. Age of Chumps, Battlefield Hobbies, Market Harborough and NWA all being within striking distance of me, however Chumps was my first real experience of a wargames club and many of my friends that I have met through wargaming are Chumps members themselves.

I originally started Woehammer as a YouTube channel focused on making battle reports for the 1st edition of Age of Sigmar. However, family life meant that I didn’t have the time to spend on editing and publishing videos, so Woehammer was swapped to a website. I’ve never looked back! The site has gone from strength to strength thanks in the main for people enjoying our Top Three Lists posts and for Declan’s very in-depth view of the Age of Sigmar meta as a tournament player.

You’ll find that much of my work goes into the top three lists and the statistics side of AoS. I love anything to do with numbers (coming from my other profession as an accountant). I’m also planning to build solo play systems for AoS and 40 this year, so keep an eye out for that!

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