Lockdown Day 5

I’ve been in lockdown with my 2 year old daughter in her room now for five days as she has tested positive for Covid. Were

We’re mainly locked down in our little cell because we don’t want our 6 month old son to catch it. So while I’m locked up in here like the book/film “Room” my partner and son are free to roam the house.

Things aren’t quite looking up yet, she’s not as lethargic as she was but she’s developed a nasty cough.

Fingers crossed she starts to test negative soon so that we can get out of here.

In the meantime I will try and keep up the flow of articles as before. But there’s very little time for hobby until she’s gone to bed and I’m allowed out for an hour in the evening. Last night I finished Brutogg Corpse-eater from Cursed City, so that helped me to stop climbing the walls at least.

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