Warmaster Gordrakk – Part 2

EDIT: after talking to Declan and others at Woehammer, they disagree that he can be included and believe this still needs clarification with the FAQ team at GW due to the below images from the Battletome.

Kraggy’s Warmaster Rule
His keywords
Orruk Warclans Allegiance Rules

A few days ago I asked whether Gordrakk could be included in a Kruleboyz or Savage Orruk list. The response was a resounding NO!

However, before asking everyone on Reddit, I also emailed GW to ask them. Today I had the response.

Well that certainly makes things interesting. Whether he’d be any good in a Kruleboyz or Savage Orruk list is another question….

But he may be a cheaper alternative to Kragnos.

7 thoughts on “Warmaster Gordrakk – Part 2”

  1. Well, there’s the egg on my face! Always good to have more flexibility even if the choices don’t turn out the best, though. I’m not angry to have been wrong here 🙂

  2. I‘d still vore for not possible…there is literally no rules snipet that remotely suggests that the Warmaster ability has any impact on (sub-)Allegiance abilities.

  3. Unfortunately there are 3 problems with this:

    1: this is not from the rules team. Answering questions wrongly is why the Facebook team no longer answers rules questions.

    2: it’s not an official rules document. It can’t be taken as applying to everything when you are the only person with an email response.

    3: it’s not supported by the rules AT ALL, and directly contradicts clear rules, with no reasoning behind why

    1. That may be true. BUT he has the war master rule on his warscroll. If he is not allowed into any of the factions in destruction then kragnos can not be included in any of the destruction factions. Kragnos doesn’t have warmaster keyword, but does have the warmaster rule on his war scroll

      1. You need to read the actual Warmaster rule on Gordrakk and the Warmaster rule on Kragnos, they are not the same at all. Which is probably where the main confusion arises, two rules with the same name that do different things.

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