The Perry Twins – A Life in Wargames

Alan and Michael Perry are miniature designers who worked for Games Workshop between 1978 and 2014 and were the longest serving members of the design studio.

As well as this, they are also former miniature sculptors for Wargames Foundry, helped found of Warhammer Historical Wargames and now run their own miniatures company Perry Miniatures.

The Green Knight, just one of many miniatures the Perry’s designed for GW.

They both take part in re-enacting historical battles and have illustrated various books on military history for Osprey Publishing.

During a reenactment in France for the Battle of Crecy in 1996 Michael Perry lost part of his right arm to an accident when reloading a reproduction cannon. However this didn’t hold Michael back and he learned to sculpt and paint with his left hand instead.

The limited edition “Gimli on Dead Uruk-hai” miniature, sculpted by Michael Perry.

The Perry’s own miniature company produces historical figures for ranges such as the Napoleonic Wars, English Civil War, Samurai, The Crusades and much more.

The Perry’s are close friends with Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson and have sculpted him many 54mm miniatures for his first world war collection.

A 75mm figure available through the Perry Miniatures website

The Perry’s are the go to manufacturer for plastic historical wargaming figures and during their heydays at Games Workshop was said to be responsible or involved in 90% of their miniatures.

From left to right, Alessio Cavatore, Brian Nelson, Alan Perry and Michael Perry on set as extras for the Return of the King

The Perry Twins are the most recognisable names in miniature sculpting and have a deserved reputation for the quality of their products.

Using traditional sculpting methods as opposed to the modern 3D sculpting that are used by Games Workshop today these men are true artists in what they do.

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