Path to Glory – August Results

So with August over its time to review the Path to Glory campaign.

Three games took place this month. Two between Ben and Declan which you can read here, and another between Aron and his friend Rick.

Declan managed to take two wins against the forces of Chaos and he advanced further north-east on the map, building a small settlement around a realmgate. To the south-east of his settlement he discovered Wild Lands which are currently under the control of the Undead (Aron).

Meanwhile Aron’s forces led by the Vengorian Lord Shana, the Flame of the Heavens successfully repelled a chaos incursion into their lands, utterly defeating the force leaving no one alive to tell the tale.

After the battle his scouts returned advising him of a Troggoth settlement that had sprang up to the north just beyond the wild lands around what they had assumed to be a ruined realmgate.

Shana had to plan their next steps carefully.

Aron’s Undead Forces

We haven’t yet covered Aron’s forces in the campaign. Aron has 2,000 points of Soul light Gravelords.

Led by Shana, Flame of the Heavens a Vengorian Lord the forces include two heroes Wilhelmina Carmel a vampire lord in the thrall of Shana and Machtrohl the Unbroken, Shana’s iron fist.

Aron’s forces includes the following units;

  • Deathrattle Skeletons (Bone Legion)
  • Dire Wolves (Alpha)
  • Zombie Dragon (Deadarire, Bringer of the Dead)
  • Vargheist (Primus)
  • Blood Knights (Lord Vahl’s Riders)
  • Deathrattle Skeletons (Ossius Legion)
  • Grave Guard (Order of Merihim)
  • Black Knights (Knights Noir)

As Aron has a 2,000 point list he was able to claim three territories at the start of the campaign. He chose a Settlement, Arcane Waypoint and some Wild Lands.

No games for Rhys, Dave, Ed or myself yet. But watch this space. I have a feeling Nurgle and Chaos may be rumbling soon…..

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