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Friday Follow – Smaller Retailers

We all know the big manufactures of miniatures but sometimes it’s nice to go to a company a little smaller – perhaps they have a range you particularly like, or a great sculptor. Perhaps they are nearby and support a local gaming store, or you just like what they do? Well, let me introduce you to two small retailers providing great service to the community.

Bad Squiddo Games

Annie Norman (the proprietor of Bad Squiddo games) has been in wargaming almost as long as I have – and she now operates a business specialising in ‘Believable Female Miniatures’. As well as utilising Kickstarter (and similar) to launch ranges Bad Squiddo have also bought a few ranges as people retire or pivot to different interests – notably Ristuls (scenery and basing materials). There are lots of great things on the website (mostly RPG due to small number for each range), but also include female models from WWII fully compatible with Warlord Games’ range. I particularly like the animal range and the crows and guinea pigs appear on some of my Ogors as they land and searh for the food.

I have previously reviewed some of the fun stuff Annie sells including their Tardigrades!

Bad Squiddo – more than you’d think – painted by Declan.

Pro-Painted Studios

Matt was one of the members of the Black Sun – a club from the South Coast who took the Warhammer Fantasy and AoS scene’s by storm in the late 2010s. They were a large group who went to lots of tournaments and always seemed to enjoy themselves. Matt in a superb painter and so does commission painting, but he also does gaming aids which are very popular in the AoS community.

They include dice trays (for storage and rolling), and Perspex tokens for abilities and effects that can help you remember what your units are affected by. I have a set for my Orruk’s and particular like the blood token (wound tracking).

Blood tokens… great for ensuring you don’t pick up wound dice

If you’re anything like me you’ll have got fed-up years ago of putting down a dice for wounds the picking it up and rolling it. These tokens are definitely not dice and so I can’t possibly mistake them for anything. So thanks to Matt and Pro-Painted Studios for making my games a little bit easier.

Update: Matt now does referral codes so you can get a discount as a first time user and support Woehammer here.

Do you have small companies that you use regularly that I should check out? It would be great to get some more ideas.

— Declan