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As Friday fast approaches, I wanted to give a special shout out to The Honest Wargamer and the Stats crew for bringing us loads of information on Age of Sigmar since the release of 3rd edition.

They have gathered information from all over the globe to bring us information on the State of the Meta and allow us Gloomspite players to not feel too bad about a 1-1-3!!

For those who haven’t been over to their site before I urge you to have a look

Welcome back! But the Stats Team have worked through the long nights and given us… Player Stats!!

If you’ve played in a 5 game (no comp) tournament in AOS3 you’ll likely find your name on here… along with paths to victory and how you line up with the other players in your region and get bragging rights for being the best in race – this is a great addition and means that you can be top of the pile even if your army is struggling at the moment. It’s great for those with only one army or those who like to stick to an army throughout a year.

It’s marking is the best 6 tournaments and then points for Win & Draw (which can be slightly higher for larger tournaments) in order to give a score out of 900. This means that even small 5 game tournaments will qualify and can get you loads of points so there’s no need to get to LVO each year!

I must admit to being biased here in that I like stats, and I’m on the list.. so forgive the following screenshots!

Top 16 in the world, with some big names there – many of which will be at AOS Worlds in Prague in May! Specially well done to Toby Meadows in 18th who has got there with only 4 tournament results and no defeats! Wow!!

If categorisations could cause wars, this might be one of them but UK & Ireland is one of the largest player bases in the world, and as we came out of COVID restrictions near to the release of AOS3 there a number of people who have had the opportunity to get to 6 toournaments. Mike is at the top, and is a superb player of Seraphon who is always around the top tables (with 2 5-0s and 3 4-1s out of 6 tournaments). With Owen Jackson (of Honest Wargamer fame), and Matt Mallow taking 2nd and 3rd so far.

Then there is by faction, although Big Waagh! are currently under represented in the Meta due to the love for Ironjawz. However Roger Barker tops it with 2 4-1s.

And you can get more detail on a individual player:

For GDPR purposes, I’ve selected myself… that’s definitely the reason

Which shows the event results from 5 game tournaments attended, as well as Event Path where applicable… where you can see all my losses in game 5!!

The points per tournament are given clearly as well, so you can see how you (or your mate) are doing and battle for the best in your local area.

And the final piece of the puzzle – you can look at player by faction to see how well you are performing within your army. Great for those armies that historically struggle — although as you can see from my 77th with Sons maybe not if you only play 1 tournament with them!

So… a huge Thank You to Rob (The Honest Wargamer) and Stats Team (led by Ziggy) for a great set of data and presenting if so easily!

Here’s to the next 5 months to see who finishes AOS3 on top. Who’s your money on?

— Declan

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