Warscroll Review – Khainite Shadowstalkers

Having written a few warscroll reviews for Destruction I thought I would branch out and talk about other Warscrolls – particularly those that you may not have seen or missed from the books; or those Warscrolls you may see at tournaments.

The only limit I’m setting myself at the moment is that I have to have seen the unit in action at least once, either playing or playing against!

The first of these are from Order, and Daughters of Khaine… but you may have missed them because they are from Warcry.

9 models, but 12 wounds… confused – all explained below

The Khainite Shadowstalkers are from the Warcry game and they are lovely models. They are 9 individual sculpts with great movement and a leader.

The Scroll

As before, all screenshots from the AOS App:

As with the Underworld Warband Rippa Snarlfangs, it is not immeditely obvious why anyone would take this scroll. Movement 6″, 1 wound each (so 9 wounds for 120 points) and 5+ save is hardly setting the world alight.

So this is a little better because it’s now 12 wounds for 120 points which in AOS isn’t bad. But range 6″ weapons and 2 attacks 4+/3+/-/1 is not going to set the world alight. Sure it’s okay but it’s not beating anything other than trash. Is there anything else on the warscroll, or have I gone crazy!?

Cursed Missiles gives the unit mortal wounds on a six – not bad for an Unleash Hell (but, see below), so it’s in keeping with the rest of the army. We’ll temporarily ignore that Spider Riders don’t have this on their poisoned arrows, but this article isn’t about Destuction.

Harness Shadow – is a great benefit giving them Grot nets for anyone who wants to fight them in combat. Ouch!

And finally, the ability that takes them out of mediocre and into great. Shadow Leap gives the unit a free teleport 5 times a game in each of your movement phases! So ignore the 6″ movement this is almost an infinite movement. In a game that is all about mobility for objective capture and for delaying and limiting your opponent this is a superb ability.

What’s not on the scroll

This would be great in almost any army – I’d certainly love a version of it in Gitz to give control of the board – but in Daughters of Khaine it just makes the army much better.

The AOS meta is changing with the arrival of the Ironjawz list as they have a very strong Alpha-Strike capability meaning that if you come to a tournament without screens you need units who can take charges from Maw Krushas and Gore Gruntas – which is very difficult – or put out screens. And these are great screens for the Bow Snakes.

They can be within 9″ of 15 Bow Snakes – 2 attacks, mortal wounds on 6+, shoot in the hero phase. So your opponent has to charge these units, you can unleash hell with the Bow Snakes, then when this unit is dead you can shoot in your next hero phase as well.

And because they teleport you can teleport them away their move almost anywhere, and then teleport the Bow Snakes behind them meaning they are always protected.

Added to that they are not Battleline, so there is no Battle Tactic available for killing them.

If you play Daughters of Khaine and don’t use this unit I urge you to give it a go – they are great.

— Declan

(Special thanks to my opponent at Warfare for showing me the unit and what a difference it makes to the DoK army… even if I did lose 1-19 to get this information to you!)

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