Day 1 at March to War

Well day 1 is over and day 2 about to begin. Big Waaagh has done well so far going 2-1 losing to Nurgle game 1 and then beating Teclis LRL in game 2 and Soulblight in game 3.

You cam follow my progress on twitter at @declanandeeyore.

Most of my games went to time so I haven’t got loads of photos from the event but I did capture a few armies

Game 1 vs the new Nurgle book. MAW Krusha embarrassed himself against two Lords of Afflictions, failing to kill one on thr charge and taking 11 wounds in return… uphill from there!

Game 2 against spare player and LRL I moved my entire army forward, killed s unit of Wardens and hoped for second turn priority… I got it killed all but Teclis, 10 Sentinels and the veil lady… and then hung on for the win

And game 3 vs Soulblight. Gore Gruntas killed 20 Zombies turn 1 capturing the objectives and getting me slightly ahead. Later in game Wurgogg tried to mask Manfred but only did 4 wounds before dying… boo!! Hung on again as Maw Krusha sacrificed himself to wipe the grave guard but died to Manfred.

A great first day and a group meal at Beefeater to follow. It’s got the feel of an old school small player tournament… Great fun!

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