Woehammer Goals for Q2 2022 & Last Q1 Results

Both Declan and I keep discussing how amazed we are at how well our little website has been received!

So I thought it may be an idea to write down some goals that would be nice to achieve in the next quarter.

Try and increase our engagement by getting 75 likes in a month. (as way of comparison January is currently at 56). ACHIEVED

Well, we managed this in January alone with 102 likes that month, and then beat that figure in March with 103!

Get the views per visitor to over 2.00 in a single month. ACHIEVED

It was tough, but we achieved 2.18 views per visitor in March! In January we managed 1.84 and improved this further in February to 1.88.

Double our follower count by the end of March (Currently at 21). FAILED

My first failure for the month, but we still managed an increase to 33 followers. Who knew there were so many people willing to listen to our ramblings!

Gain 75,000 views in a single month (as way of comparison January is currently at 34.9k) FAILED

Although, we have still seen month on month increase with:

  • 53,649 in January
  • 54,913 in February
  • 63,802 in March

Not far to go till this is achieved!

Spend three hours each week visiting other blogs and commenting on them. ACHIEVED

I’d say I’ve achieved this, I now follow 95 other sites with some of my favourites being;

Scent of a Gamer
No Rerolls
Imperial Rebel Ork
Guru PIGS Blog
A Tabletop Gamer’s Diary

To name but a few!

Have at least 70 more posts under our belt by the end of March (1 per day) ACHIEVED

With both myself and Declan writing posts at an extremely regular pace, I’m pleased wo say this was absolutely smashed, we manage to post 100+ posts since January 21st when these goals were set.

Post the remaining Combat Patrol Beginner Armies post by the end of March. (3 down currently, 9 to go) FAILED

I managed to post one additional Combat Patrol since these targets were issued, and there have since been at least two more Combat Patrols released by Gamed Workshop (if my memories working properly). Never mind, this is on my to do list! As well as publishing the AoS ones.

Get another writer on board. FAILED

We have a number of writers registered to the site, but at present only two of us are posting regularly, but who knows what the future holds!

Cover the big 5 day events for Age of Sigmar in our Top Three lists between now and the end of March. ACHIEVED

I believe we’ve managed to cover every two day event since posting this as out target, with posts for:

Age of Sigmar Matched Play Event (Warhammer World) (UK)
Dazmaul Wargaming (UK)
GGMaitland Age of Sigmar GT (AUS)
Norsehammer Open (NO)
War in the North (AUS)
Old Town Throwdown (US)
The Cherokee Open (US)
Brewdog AOS GT (UK)
The Lone Star GT (US)
Bloodshed in the Shires (UK)
Gods of War 2 (I)
Da Great South Waagh (UK)
Columbus Brewhammer (US)
Quest of Champions – Heat 1 (UK)
Las Vegas Open (US)
Las Vegas 4th-8th (US)
PSU: March to War (UK)
Norwegian Masters (NO)
Golden Sprue (US)
Tempest 2022 (UK)
Clash of Swords (UK)

That’s a heck of a list! But if you think we’ve missed any let us know and we’ll quickly rectify it!

Have fun! ACHIEVED

Easily achieved, I’ve enjoyed writing all our blog posts, but the highlight for me was working with Declan to start publishing Top 3 Lists as a pair, which include his take on the armies. Declan always proves to be an entertaining writer!


Six out of 10 achieved, not bad! So what targets shall we set for Q2?

Firstly, I’ll put the four failed targets back on the list.

  1. Reach 42 Subscribers via WordPress by the end of June
  2. Gain 75,000 views in a single month
  3. Post the remaining Combat Patrol Beginner Armies post by the end of June.
  4. Get another writer on board
  5. Get a game of something in!
  6. Post 5 more Datasheet reviews for 40k
  7. Bring back the Top 3 Lists for 40k
  8. Publish at least five more Start Collecting Beginner Armies for AoS
  9. Carry out a first test of the Sci-fi wargame
  10. Start painting my Warmaster Dwarf army.

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