Woehammer GT – The Treveglos Campaign

Your visions started many cycles ago. A city cut by a river in the Realm of Life, a halo of power surrounding you as you approach the gates. Then arms outstretched, you’re lifted towards the heavens while your followers kneel below you.

Finally, after asking your trusted scholars about the dreams, you were told about the lost City of Treveglos. A name so ancient that few claim to have heard of it.

Supposedly located in the heart of the Realm of Life, many believe the city to be but a myth. The Scholars told you that the city was believed to hold a shrine, one that if the legends are true, holds the key to pushing your people closer to victory in the war for the mortal realms.

Weeks later, with your expedition force prepared, you led them into the Realm of Life with the hope of verifying the truth to these visions.

It has taken nearly two weeks for your forces to reach the fabled continent of Bewnan. Marching through the realmgate was no easy feat, as battles between Nurgle and Alarielle are fought throughout the Jade Kingdoms. The journey was far more perilous than anticipated.

Now, finally approaching the landing point shown in your visions, you are filled with doubt. Is this all madness?

Looking beyond the beach where your ships are headed, you see dust clouds beyond the ridge.