Wargame Rules

Below is the current up to date list of Wargames Rules that I have written.

Clausewitz (WIP version 0.5.0)

Clausewitz has been a labour of love for me for the last few years. It is designed for use with 40mm wide bases representing individual battalions during the Napoleonic wars. The key features of Clausewitz include;

  • a fun pre-game deployment game where markers are used to determine each sides deployment zone.
  • It doesn’t use the traditional IgoUgo system and instead resorts to actions for each of the Generals on the tabletop, these Generals can then order the various Brigades to action.
  • Casualties can be tracked so that at the end of the game you can compare your performance to the great Generals of the past.
  • 2+ hour play time

Woeful Wargaming