Age of Sigmar – Top Three Lists Archive


Generals Handbook 22-23: Season 2

21st/22nd May 2023Aotearoa New Zealand AoS Masters (NZ)18DoTBoCGG
13th/14th May 2023Wartilyo GT (PHL)24DoTSBGLMoN
13th/14th May 2023CTC Age of Sigmar Championship Open (CAN)22FSFECSoB
13th/14th May 2023Woehammer GT (UK)30SBGLSylSyl
6th/7th May 2023TRS Torneo Regio Sabaudo 2nd Edition (ITA)68BoKGGHoS
6th/7th May 2023Alberta GT (CAN)19OBSCESBGL
6th/7th May 2023Regicide in the Realms (UK)16BoKSBGLSCE
29th/30th April 2023Spring Rubicon GT (US)40KOBoKBoK
29th/30th April 2023Welsh Open (UK)51OMFSSyl
29th/30th April 2023Highground Brewsky GT (US)42HoSSylOM
29th/30th April 2023Border War 2023 (AUS)43KOOMStD
29th/30th April 2023HAST 2: Who Let the Dogs Out? (AUS)11IDKOBFEC
23rd/24th April 2023Smash & Bash GT (US)62GGBoKKO
23rd/24th April 2023Valleycon 2023 (NZ)26BoKSylGG
15th/16th April 2023Icebreaker GT 2023 (US)39SkaGGKO
15th/16th April 2023London Open (UK)23KOScELRL
15th/16th April 2023Hampshire Grand Tournament (UK)82FSOMFS
15th/16th April 2023Clash of the Titans ’23 (AUS)18SylStDGG
7th/8th April 2023Cake of Death (CAN)32DoTGGKO
7th/8th April 2023Gallant Games AoS Store Championship (SG)14StDGGScE
1st/2nd April 2023Quest of Champions – Heat 2 (UK)38KOScEHoS
1st/2nd April 2023Neapolis GT (IT)24OMGGSoB
1st/2nd April 2023Broken Realms and Minis for War 3 (UK)72SylFSGG
1st/2nd April 2023AoS OGR CUBB (CZ)18BoCSerOM
25th/26th March 2023II CN – II GT de GAT (ESP)24NHMoNDoT
25th/26th March 2023Spring Rumpus GT (US)17LRLGGGG
25th/26th March 2023Adepticon 2023 (US)204DoTBWLRL
25th/26th March 2023Lords AoS Tournament (VNM)8NHScEDoT
25th/26th March 2023War Under the Mountain (AUS)19KOStDDoK
18th/19th March 2023A Gathering of Might (UK)27LRLGGStD
18th/19th March 2023Dazmaul Wargaming (UK)29SbGlFeCGG
18th/19th March 2023Stockholm Slaughter 9 (SWE)18FyrStDDoK
18th/19th March 2023Wardolly Weekend (AUS)16ScESbGlIJ
11th/12th March 2023Guts & Glory Club Tournament (US)48OBHoSKO
11th/12th March 2023Sparkle Party Deathmatch VIII (US)52SbGlScEStD
11th/12th March 2023Silverstream Smackdown 2 (NZ)26SylBoCSka
11th/12th March 2023Straight Edge Wargaming GT (SWE)14KBSerStD
11th/12th March 2023Rumble in the Rockies (CA)18DoKGGBoC
4th/5th March 2023Midtcon GT (DNK)20SylStDFyr
4th/5th March 2023Brewdog AoS GT (UK)40S2DGGGG
4th/5th March 2023Norsehammer Open (N)36SkaFyrScE
4th/5th March 2023Realmgate Rampage II (US)37S2DScEBoK
4th/5th March 2023G&T GT (UK)8OMBoCS2D
25th/26th February 2023Warhammer World: Matched Play Event (UK)74FyrGGMoN
25th/26th February 2023Small Town Throwdown: Smoke on the Water (US)30BWBoKIDk
25th/26th February 2023Cherokee Open (US)79GGScELRL
18th/19th February 2023Sheffield Slaughter (UK)98GGFyrDoT
18th/19th February 2023Colonial Carnage (US)45GGBoCScE
18th/19th February 2023Sydney Salt Smash (Aus)28ScEScEGG
18th/19th February 2023Battle at the Brook (Aus)55MoNStDNh
11th/12th February 2023God’s of War 3 (I)84IDkNhStD
11th/12th February 2023Alliance Open Masters GT (NL)52SylLRLDoK
11th/12th February 2023War of the Spider God (UK)14SylStDBoC
4th/5th February 2023DaBoyz Golden Sprue GT (US)28BWSoBSyl
4th/5th February 2023Columbus Brewhammer (US)39LRLSylScE
4th/5th February 2023Bloodshed in the Shires (UK)80LRLStDStD
4th/5th February 202Realm of Geddon 2023 (Europe)14DoTOMStD
4th/5th February 2023Quest of Champions – Heat 1 (UK)30OMDoTOM
4th/5th February 2023CaptainCon 2023 (US)17KOLRLOM
27th/28th January 2023GT Wargame Garrison Madrid (ESP)20SerDoTNh

Generals Handbook 22-23: Season 1

27th/28th/29th January 2023Las Vegas Open (US)324BoCIJDoT
21st/22nd January 2023March to War (UK)30OMSylBoC
21st/22nd January 2023CanCon 2023 (AUS)202BoCSerMoN
21st/22nd January 2023Scottish Lasters (UK)26ScEDoKDoT
21st/22nd January 2023Northern Masters (UK)16OMBoCNH
14th/15th January 2023‘Ere We Go Again Ladz (US)24ScESerScE
14th/15th January 2023Nottinghm GT (UK)41SylLRLLRL
14th/15th January 2023Blood in the Snow (UK)30DoKSylIJ
14th/15th January 2023Shanghai Slaughter (CN)20SerSylS2D
7th/8th January 2023SoCal Masters (US)10BoCIJScE
27th/28th December 20222D6 Oslohammer #2 (NO)20ScESerDoT
17th/18th December 2022Christmas Special (UK)8OMIDkOM
10th/11th December 2022Frozen Empires 2022 (NI)18OMNHScE
10th/11th December 2022GT Bilbao (E)26LRLOMIDk
3rd/4th December 2022Leicester City AOS GT (UK)28S2DDoTSer
3rd/4th December 2022Big Bristol Brawl (UK)41NHFSOM
26th/27th November 2022Quimera Team GT (E)48BoCBoCBW
26th/27th November 20222D6 Carnage (N)48SbGlScELRL
26th/27th November 2022Devon Destruction II (UK)44SkaSoBOM
19th/20th November 2022Lost Legion GT (AUS)32OMKOScE
19th/20th November 2022Aroscon 2022 (DE)48SylSbGlDoT
19th/20th November 2022GAF Jamboree (UK)23DoKIJLRL
19th/20th November 2022DaBoyz GT 2022 (US)66BoCIJKO
19th/20th November 2022Renegade Wargaming – Renegade Open (US)30DoTLRLScE
19th/20th November 2022US Open Albuquerque – Best Overall (US)8S2DDoTSka
19th/20th November 2022US Open Albuquerque – Best General (US)8DoKBoKDoT
19th/20th November 2022Khorne-a-copia 2022 (US)12MoNCoSSer
12th/13th November 2022War in the Heartlands (UK)102MoNLRLScE
12th/13th November 2022TCC: Age of Sigmar 2 Day Event (Aus)24MoNSylDoK
12th/13th November 2022Southern Smash GT (AUS)25DoKDoTIJ
12th/13th November 2022Immortal Masquerade (USA)22OBBWScE
12th/13th November 2022Small Town Throwdown: The NOOGvember Hoedown (USA)38OMOMMoN
12th/13th November 2022Gourds of War GT (USA)18LRLSbGlBoK
12th/13th November 20225 Alarm GT (CAN)22DoKDoTKO
12th/13th November 2022Battlemaster (Invite Only) Beyong GT (AUS)16ScEScEScE
5th/6th November 2022Ragnarok AoS GT (UK)32DoTMoNSka
5th/6th November 2022Slambo GT (USA)65SerSylCoS
5th/6th November 2022II CN – I Final Equipos (E)40BoCNHSer
5th/6th November 2022TGX AoS 5 Player TEam Event (CAN)50CoSSerDoT
5th/6th November 2022AoS @Cal to Arms 2022 (NZ)20BoCOMFS
29th/30th October 2022US Open: Kansas City (USA)79DoKMoNDok
29th/30th October 2022Shakespeare Invitational (UK)32ScELRLLRL
29th/30th October 2022Bendigo’s Bush Bash Bonanza (AUS)27DoTBSDoK
29th/30th October 2022The Corrupted Chalice 2022 (UK)8SbGlSylSoB
22nd/23rd October 2022Proving Grounds (CAN)15ScEIDkScE
22nd/23rd October 2022SoCal Open AoS Champions Event (USA)45ScEBoCSyl
22nd/23rd October 2022South Coast Series – Southampton (UK)23ScENHOB
22nd/23rd October 2022Quest of Champions – Final (UK)30BoCS2DSer
22nd/23rd October 2022Tabletop Minis TTM 2 Dayer AoS (UK)10LrLKOSoB
15th/16th October 2022PNW Masters (USA)32SerDoKSka
15th/16th October 2022Justice Series GT (UK)80BoCBoCMoN
15th/16th October 2022Sooper Seekret Kastell Chon (USA)33FSBoCNH
8th/9th October 2022Notorious GT II (NZ)38DoTSerIJ
8th/9th October 2022Facehammer GT (UK)50FSKOMoN
8th/9th October 2022US Open Chicago: Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament (USA)87SerBWCoS
8th/9th October 2022Mighty Meeple AoS GT (USA)26SbGlSylSyl
8th/9th October 2022II CN – I Final Individual (E)28NHS2DScE
8th/9th October 20222Halloween Spooktacular (UK)12LotFPNHIDk
1st/2nd October 2022Northern Invasion 2022 (UK)45SerNHIJ
1st/2nd October 2022London GT (UK)76DoKMoNKO
1st/2nd October 2022HHOGT 2022 (Aus)26DoKSylSCE
1st/2nd October 2022Oslohammer (NOR)22SerNHDoK
1st/2nd October 2022Trouble at the Mill (UK)23OMDoKSka
1st/2nd October 2022Fantasia Fanatic XLII (SWE)38BoCNHSyl
1st/2nd October 2022Michigan GT (USA)72OBSBGLBoC
1st/2nd October 2022AoS @MOAB 2022 (Aus)44IDKSoBMoN
1st/2nd October 2022Gods and Monsters GT (USA)16CoSDoTNH
1st/2nd October 2022Chaos GT (USA)14NHFeCSer
1st/2nd October 2022Crucible X – Age of Sigmar Grand Tournament (USA)37SkaSylIJ
1st/2nd October 2022Duckstravganza AoS GT (USA)31BSSkaSoB
24th/25th September 2022Epic Level Showdown (USA)35MoNIDKS2D
24th/25th September 2022Flying Monkey Con 2022 (USA)51CoSDoTLRL
24th/25th September 2022Cryhammer (POL)30SerSCESoB
24th/25th September 2022Warhammer World: Matched Play Event (UK)72MoNBoCSCE
24th/25th September 2022Sparkle Party Death Match VII (USA)36BoCSbGlBS
17th/18th September 2022Invasion AoS (NOR)44SerSkaSbGl
17th/18th September 2022Hammerfest (USA)88SylLotFPSyl
17th/18th September 2022Northern Wastes GT (CAN)28SkaDoKSyl
17th/18th September 2022Montreal GT (CAN)47SerMoNNH
17th/18th September 2022Raccoon Rumble (GER)120MoNSerIDK
17th/18th September 2022Game Knight GT (CAN)22SoBSerIDK
17th/18th September 2022Northern Wastes GT (CAN)28SkaDoKSyl
17th/18th September 2022AoS Irish GT – Battle for Beasthall (IRE)30DoKSerKO
17th/18th September 2022Sovereign Smash (AUS)18KOSkaScE
10th/11th September 2022Bathurst GT (Aus)33BSSoBLRL
10th/11th September 2022Smite Club Open (USA)47CoSFECSyl
10th/11th September 2022Autumn Assault 22 GT (USA)20SkaSoBSCE
10th/11th September 2022Circuito Nacional DKHM – Freak Wars (E)80BoCNHDoK
10th/11th September 2022Lamoine Last Stand IV (USA)19SylFeCNH
10th/11th September 2022Small Ruckus GT (UK)10SerSylScE
3rd/4th September 2022NOVA Open 2022 (USA)135DoTIJSer
3rd/4th September 2022Rum and Rumble 2 (UK)10IDKLRLSer
3rd/4th September 2022Midtcon GT (DEN)28SCEMoNIJ
3rd/4th Septmber 2022War in the North (UK)14SylOMBW
27th/28th August 2022Sacramento GT (USA)12SerDoKOB
27th/28th August 2022Dice & Ducks: Decimation (UK)16SoBDoKSBGL
20th/21st August 2022Mancunian Carnage: Summer 2022 (UK)73IJS2DMoN
27th/28th August 2022Emerald City Open 2 (USA)41DoKSoBDoT
20th/21st August 2022Salt Lake Open 2022 (USA)33FSSCEOM
20th/21st August 2022Nashcon GT 2022 (USA)32SerMoNNH
20th/21st August 2022Gateway Open 2022 (USA)43SCECoSBoK
20th/21st August 2022Snake Eyes (Aus)62SerKOMoN
20th/21st August 2022Northern Ireland GT (UK)32DoKScENH
20th/21st August 2022Capital City Bloodbath (Can)43FECBSCoS
13th/14th August 2022Warhammer World Matched Play Event (UK)74MoNDoKIDK
13th/14th August 2022Old Town Throwdown Summer Smash (USA)79BWMoNSer
13th/14th August 2022Storm of Magic GT (UK)24ScESoBSoB
13th/14th August 2022TURNAJ O NÁČELNÍKA (Cz)24SerDoKKO
13th/14th August 2022King in the North! 22 (No)31NHMoNBoC
6th/7th August 2022G&T GT2 (UK)14NHSylDoT
6th/7th August 2022Gamers Guild Grand Tournament (USA)16DoKS2DSyl
6th/7tth August 2022GT ŁÓDŹ 2 (PL)70BoCMoNSyl
6th/7th August 3022Steel City GT (USA)24FSBoKBS
6th/7th August 2022Quest of Champions – Heat 4 (UK)38NHS2DSer
6th/7th August 2022Season of war Grand Tournament (CAN)65SerSoBNH
6th/7th August 2022Harambe’s Heroes and Goldmine Games Rumble in the Jungle (USA)28DoKNHMoN
30th/31st July 2022Shropshire Slaughter: Telford Onslaught (UK)32BoCLRLMoN
30th/31st July 2022Boise Cup O AoS GT (USA)52SBGLLRLHoS
30th/31st July 2022Peace Through Dakka AoS GT (USA)16MoNSylIJ
30th/31st July 2022Armed Forces Day 5 (USA)34SCELRLDoK
23rd/24th July 2022Miniparadice Anniversary Tournament (GER)38DoTMoNMoN
23rd/24th July 2022Outlaw Open at LSO (USA)46DoKSoBOM
23rd/24th July 2022Salt City GT (USA)31MoNFSIJ
23rd/24th July 2022BWG: Summer Slaughter GT (USA)102HoSKOSer
16th/17th July 2022Midwest Makeup (USA)27OBNHMoN
16th/17th July 2022Southern Fried Open (USA)18CoSFSCoS
16th/17th July 2022Midwest Bash Grant Tournament (USA)32SCESCESoB
16th/17th July 2022Ragnarok the World Goes Dark (UK)18SerSkaBoC
16th/17th July 2022The ATC (American Team Championships) Age of Sigmar Teams Event (USA)56MoNDoKMoN
16th/17th July 2022The Hogtown Hoedown (CAN)10IDkSoBNH
9th/10th July 2022Kingdom of Skrappa Spill (UK)28CoSDoKCoS
9th/10th July 2022Summer on the Coast GT (USA)37KODoKBoK
9th/10th July 2022South Coast Series July (UK)40S2DNHSyl
2nd/3rd July 2022Coliseum of Sigmar Carnage GT (US)9LRLNHSCE
2nd/3rd July 2022From the Ashes 2022 (UK)22SkaNHIDK

Results Using Previous Rules/Handbooks

16th/17th July 2022Texas Masters Grand Tournament (USA)32BSMoNIDK
2nd/3rd July 2022World tSports Champions (UK)16NHIDKBoC
25th/26th June 2022Ironweld GT (US)32
25th/26th June 2022Giga-Con: Age of Sigmar Teams Event (US)32
18th/19th June 2022Pyrhammer 2022 (PL)40
18th/19th June 2022UK tSports Champions 2022 (UK)16
18th/19th June 2022Rise of the Everchosen (I)32
11th/12th June 2022Justice Series 2 Dayer (UK)18
11th/12th June 2022Wargames for Warriors (US)22
11th/12th June 2022Game Knight AoS GT (CAN)12
11th/12th June 2022Mawtribes Massacre: Annihilation (UK)30
11th/12th June 2022Sunshine Coast Open (UK)30
11th/12th June 2022San Diego Open (US)74
11th/12th June 2022Atlantic City Open (US)73
11th/12th June 2022GT de CAT (ESP)30
4th/5th June 2022Bugeater AoS GT (US)19
4th/5th June 2022Smash & Bash GT (US)40
4th/5th June 2022Quest of Champions – Heat 3 (UK)34
28th/29th May 2022Bay Area Open (US)47
28th/29th May 2022Battle in the Misty Mountains AoS GT (US)29
28th/29th May 2022New Zealand Masters (NZ)31
21st/22nd May 2022Mancunian Carnage (UK)81
21st/22nd May 2022Slambo GT (US)91
21st/22nd May 2022Birmingham AoS GT (UK)59
14th/15th May 2022Vault Wars 2022 (US)39
14th/15th May 2022Haven AoS 2 Day GT (US)28
14th/15th May 2022Trouble at Mill (1,500pts) (UK)14
14th/15th May 2022Warhammer World: Battles in Thondia (UK)47
14th/15th May 2022Motor City Mayhem 2022 AoS GT Event (US)34
14th/15th May 2022Skybert Turneringen (NO)12
7th/8th May 2022Weekend Warlords (I)44
7th/8th May 2022Seattle Open (US)64
7th/8th May 2022Rum and Rumble (UK)16
30th April/1st May 2022Fall of the Old World VII (US)31
26th/27th April 2022THR: Annihilation (UK)24
23rd/24th April 2022G.A.W (US)47
23rd/24th April 2022Warpstone Wars GT (US)25
23rd/24th April 2022Realmgate Rampage GT (US)24
22nd/23rd April 2022Sydney GT (AU)83
9th/10th April 2022Rose City Wrath (US)34
9th/10th April 2022Indystorm Age of Sigmar Stormcell GT (US)29
9th/10th April 2022Kragnos’ Cupboard (UK)22
9th/10th April 2022BWG: Forgehammer GT (US)25
9th/10th April 2022Hampshire GT (UK)113
2nd/3rd April 2022Super Major G&T (UK)16
2nd/3rd April 2022Quest of Champions – Heat 2 (UK)40
2nd/3rd April 2022Fantasia Fanatix XLI (SW)33
26th/27th March 2022GT ŁÓDŹ (PL)43
19th/20th March 2022Age of Sigmar Matched Play Event (Warhammer World) (UK)58
19th/20th March 2022Dazmaul Wargaming (UK)26
5th/6th March 2022GGMaitland Age of Sigmar GT (AUS)37
5th/6th March 2022Norsehammer Open (NO)41
5th/6th March 2022War in the North (AUS)26
26th/27th February 2022Old Town Throwdown (US)45
26th/27th February 2022The Cherokee Open (US)51
25th February 2022Brewdog AOS GT (UK)34
19th/20th February 2022The Lone Star GT (US)100
19th/20th February 2022Bloodshed in the Shires (UK)78
12th/13th February 2022Gods of War 2 (I)56
12th/13th February 2022Da Great South Waagh (UK)72
5th/6th February 2022Columbus Brewhammer (US)40
5th/6th February 2022Quest of Champions – Heat 1 (UK)26
28th/29th & 30th January 2022Las Vegas Open (US)
Las Vegas 4th-8th (US)
22nd/23rd January 2022PSU: March to War (UK)32
22nd/23rd January 2022Norwegian Masters (NO)16
15th/16th January 2022Golden Sprue (US)26
15th/16th January 2022Tempest 2022 (UK)34
8th/9th January 2022Clash of Swords (UK)18

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