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Hobby Update – Dwarf Blood Bowl Team


11 Dwarf Blood Bowl Players

Day four of my Blood Bowl updates and the last one for a while. So I finished with a strong team – Dwarfs!

You can check out my Orcs, Skaven and Human teams from previous days if the tough little blighters are not your thing!

As with the other teams the Dwarfs were assembled and so just needed a spray undercoat and they were ready to go. I decided to go a little different for these guys and use a metallic base – Retributor armour. And, as everyone who follows cricket will know – green and gold go together; so the off-colour was chosen as well!

Blood Bowl Dwarf Team

The box set comes with 6 Dwarf Blocker Linemen, 2 Runners, 2 Blitzers and 2 Troll Slayers. Unfortunately the Troll Slayers have a single connection to the base, and one of mine broke. So in keeping with my intent to keep things quick I’ve put it to one side and will return to it later.

6 Dwarf Blocker Linemen
2 Blitzers
Troll Slayer and 2 Runners
The Full Team

As I mentioned above the base of the models is Chaos Black and then a very heavy drybrush of Retributor Armour for the bright gold look. I have then picked out a few of panels in Leadbelcher, to get a little contrast.

The hair is Wild Rider Red for the Troll Slayer (got to have bright orange hair for a Troll Slayer) and then grey, brown and black for the other models.

And the under armour/cloth is Warboss Green – a great colour with good coverage over black and the gold.

I really like how they’ve come together and the spotty green flock on the bases make them a little different from the other Blood Bowl teams I’ve already painted.

How do they play?

Dwarfs have Block – lots of it! So your guys are not falling over too often and ‘Both Down’ results don’t result in a turnover – great news. But there is a downside – Dwarfs are expensive with the Linesmen costing 70,000 each (compared with 50,000 for most non-Elf teams), and they are slow (movement 4 for the Linemen). You’ll need to defend in depth otherwise the quicker teams will have scored 3 times before you get enough space to make it through.

Whatever you do, when you get the ball, don’t give it up – you’ll need it and you need to keep your opponent away from it! This all makes Dwarfs a good team, but difficult for beginners so don’t worry if you lose a few games – they are a great team once the skills start rolling in.

Woe Points and Hobby Bingo

This also contributes to two of the methods I’m trying to use to reduce the pile of shame or potential! Woe Points is -11 for this group (so -23 so far in 2023) and another square of Hobby Bingo which I’ll ask Peter to update for me!

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

(*) affiliate link

Hobby Update – Human Bowl Team


12 Human Blood Bowl Players

Regular readers and followers of my update will know I’ve recently finished two Blood Bowl teams, and this update is a third. And it’s a return to another classic – this time with Humans.

These were also already assembled and I decided to do these in traditional colours – or at least predominately… so I opened up another my commonly used colours and went with – blue!

Blood Bowl Human Team

The box set comes with 6 Human Linemen, 2 Throwers, 2 Blitzers and 2 Catchers.

6 Human Linemen
2 Throwers… including Golden Boots!
2 Catchers
2 Blitzers
The Full Team

The Blood Bowl teams are (so far) all great fun to paint. These required a little more work, because I needed to do the underarmour/cloth first and decided to do this in red as a different contrast to the traditional bone/white options.

I then went over the armour panels in Caledor Blue which has great coverage over most colours – including the rough bits of red I’d left behind. In this team I also decided to add a few different colours and skin colours – so there are some different colour shoes (including Golden Boots), and some darker skin players to add much needed variety.

How do they play?

Humans are the other original team, with the Orcs painted recently and they are the definition of all-rounders. They have reasonable armour, can participate on the line of scrimmage and pass and catch (although be wary of high agility teams intercepting the ball).

The catchers are the most fragile of the players and so are likely to not be involved in all the drives, but if you can keep them alive there’s always the possibility of a quick score as well as the ability to break into any Orc ‘cages’ that your opponent may have set-up.

Woe Points and Hobby Bingo

I also get credit for this with Woe Points and Hobby Bingo… so that is -12 Woe Points already and a square ticked off.

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

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Hobby Update – Skaven Blood Bowl Team


14 Skaven Blood Bowl Players

Hot on the heels of the Orc Blood Bowl Team being completed, I decided I would try to get a few more teams finished… and next on the pile was always going to be the Skaven. I’ve loved the Skaven Blood Bowl team since the 2nd Edition (the original one, not the reboot!) as it is the polar opposite of the Orc team.

Low armour, good agility and 1 turn touchdown scoring Gutter Runners (with a few skills and movement increases. What’s not to like.

Blood Bowl Skaven Team

The box set comes with 6 Skaven Clanrat Linemen, 2 SkavenThrowers, 2 Stormvermin and 2 Gutter Runners. I added to this 2 Rat Ogres for a bit of beef in the team. Also who doesn’t like Big Guys?

6 Skaven Clanrat Linemen
2 Stormvermin
2 Skaven Throwers
2 Gutter Runners
2 Rat Ogres
The Full Team!

I painted these using elements of ‘Slap Chop’ for the skin and black cloaks and then ‘battle ready’ for the armour. I’ve not done purple/pink and yellow before and I think it works well for a small force – not sure how I’d feel about it on a full Skaven army in Age of Sigmar or The Old World though. May be a bit too comic for that.

The skin is Volupus Pink (contrast) and the armour is Averland Sunset with a wash of Iyanden Yellow. Yellow’s are much better than when I started gaming and this is a great combo. Makes me wish we had these colours when I painted Empire – always liked Stirland (Green and Yellow).

The Rat Ogres were a suggestion by one of my Hobby Buddies – Chris Denmark. They are the Rat Ogres from the old Warhammer starter set – Island of Blood – which featured Skaven against High Elves. I used them here without conversion – just a change of base shape. I have used a slightly larger base than used in most Blood Bowl models but as long as they don’t stand next to each other too often it should be fine to have a little overlap of the squares.

How do they play?

As mentioned above Skaven are fast… lightning fast. The Throwers combine very well with the Gutter Runners to produce some very quick touchdowns and I’ve been 3-0 up with Skaven before half-time in games under the previous edition.

With mutations they are also a team that opens itself up to converting if you want to, or buying small expansions from Forgeworld.

The Rat Ogres provide a little extra bulk, but they can be a liability as they can be easily surrounded and brought down as the Gutter Runners rush through the gaps – be careful of teams that like to foul like Goblins and Snotlings – they can take out the big guys surprisingly quickly.

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

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PS – These don’t count towards my ‘Woepoints‘ in 2023 because I actually finished them between Christmas aand New year 2022!

Hobby Update – Orc Blood Bowl Team


12 Orc Blood Bowl Players

I’ve been struggling a bit recently to complete my Age of Darkness boxset having done all the troops I now have the Dreadnought and Spartan on the painting table, but just can’t seem to make progress. This is probably because I’ve not painted tanks in a long time!

So, I took my own advice and decided for a change… but I wanted something with a definite end. Fortunately I’ve got a lot of the new Blood Bowl teams which have been unpainted on a shelf since the re-release.

The major advantage here was they were already assembled so I could get straight to it. And the first team was clear… Orcs!

Blood Bowl Orc Team

The box set comes with 6 Orc Linemen, 2 Orc Throwers, 2 Orc Blitzers and 2 Big Un Blockers.

6 Orc Linemen
2 Orc Throwers
2 Orc Blitzers
2 Big Un Blockers (painted with darker skin)

They didn’t take very long to paint but are none-the-less lovely models and take undercoat and paint nicely. The team also comes with some coins that you can paint, but I’ve not got to them!

The scheme is very much inspired by the original Gouged Eye team but also by my available paints for my AoS armies and Blood Angels… so red all the way! It doesn’t show perfectly in the pictures, but I’ve used Khorne Red and Mephiston Red to give a little variety.

How do they play?

Orcs are one of the original two teams and they can play in all types of drives in Blood Bowl but they are mostly about hitting and not getting injured, with AV (armour value) of 10+ for most of the models except Throwers.

And if things get desperate and you find yourself behind on the scoreboard then a throw to a Blitzer is always a possibility… but keep some team re-rolls available as nothing has catch.

Buying a Box

You can pick up a box at Element Games (UK), or at Not Just Gamin’ (US) and support Woehammer(*); or pop into your FLGS.

— Declan and Eeyore

(*) affiliate link
PS – These don’t count towards my ‘Woepoints‘ or Hobby Bingo in 2023 because I actually finished them between Christmas aand New year 2022!

What is Blood Bowl?



It has been given a rating of 8.6 on BoardGameGeek from 400+ ratings.

The latest in a long and glorious line of Blood Bowl seasons, this represents the next step in three decades of evolution. With new and improved rules, streamlined gameplay, and a refined campaign system, everyone’s favourite game of fantasy football is back and better than ever.

Play as the coach for a team of Imperial Nobility or Black Orc Blood Bowl players who battle it out on the gridiron in great arenas. Play riches, pride and to entertain hordes of your team’s devoted fans. You decide the line-up and choose the tactics, but remember …. “It’s not the winning or losing that matters, it’s the mayhem and violence that count!”

Games Workshop has produced a number of videos explaining how to play Blood Bowl.

1. Introduction

2. The Basics

3. Setting Up Your Game

4. The Pre-Game Sequence and Kicking Off

5. Player Profiles and Status

6. Moving and Dodging

7. Passing the Ball

8. Blocking, Armour and Injury

9. Playing Dirty with Fouls

10. Star Players

11. The Big Picture

If you’re interested in getting into Blood Bowl. I can’t suggest you start anywhere else but these excellent collection of videos.

— Peter

Woehammer Facebook Group


Did you know that Woehammer have a Facebook group? Why not head over there and post some pictures of your miniatures, we’ll include them in monthly hobby summary alongside our own.



I’ve been obsessed with looking through the hashtag for Armies on Parade in 2021 and I thought I would share some of my favourites.

Woehammer Roundup 26/09/21


This is the very first outing for the hobby roundup and I’m starting as we mean to go on!

Wilbur the Red on Twitter (@Mr_Whateley)

Wilbur’s Chaos Renegades

Wilbur has done a spectacular job on this Blood Bowl team to make them truly stand out from the crowd. With Skaven, Dark Elves, Orcs and Goblins all involved in the lineup it’s no mean feat to give them all a coherency. Wilbur has done this with a fantastic pink, using it to pick out the armour details. Using a darker tone may have meant losing that coherency, so this was an excellent choice in my opinion.

The models are painted to an exquisite standard and the subtle basing really finished them off nicely.

Wilbur wrote about finishing this team along with some great artwork his friend completed to go with them on his blog.

Remember to include #woehammer on your future tweets if you would like us to show off your work!

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