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Nighthaunt Data Cards

Change Log

  • 29th December 2022 – Update to correct name on Chainrasps
  • 29th December 2022 – Correction to the damage output of Bladegheist Revenants

It’s taken a while, but thanks to the help of Patrick our first faction data cards are now ready!

We’ve started with Nighthaunt but have a lot of others in the pipeline and close to completion.

Each card shows the following information:

Resilience – Specifies how much damage is requited at the various rend values to destroy the unit or to destroy the unit via battleshick (if this is possible).

Threat Range – This will tell you how far the unit can move and then charge. If the unit had any missile weapons, then the card will also show how far the unit can move and then shoot.

Average Damage Output – The main focus of each card, this shows how much damage a unit should cause (as an average) to each of the save values. I.e. how much damage is unsaved.




Black Coach


Who’s Next?

Next up will be the Slaves to Darkness. Keep an eye out!

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