Slaves to Darkness: Top Performing Lists Breakdown

The following is a breakdown of all lists that have achieved four wins or greater at GT’s we are aware of. This list is kept up to date as often as we can and was last updated on the 22nd February 2023.

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Current Win Rates

The below table shows the current win rates for all the subfactions that have been used up to and including the 12th February 2023.

SubfactionUsed at GT’sWin Rate
Knights of the Empty Throne2851.09%
Legion of the First Prince250.00%
Host of the Everchosen3346.97%
The above is a breakdown of ALL faction lists at GT’s, not just those with 4+ wins


4+ Lists, Units and Distinct Warscroll Counts

There have been a total of 12 lists that have achieved 4 or more wins at GT’s under the current General’s Handbook. These are broken down by Subfaction below. We have also included the average number of units that appear in each of these high performing subfactions list, and the number of distinct warscrolls.

SubfactionLists Achieving 4+ WinsAverage Number of Units Per ListAverage Number of Distinct Warscrolls Per List
Knights of the Empty Throne564
Host of the Everchosen177
Legion of the First Prince1119

Grand Strategy Choices

Subfaction1st Grand Strat2nd Grand Strat
CabalistsTake What’s Theirs (3)No Place for the Weak (1)
Knights of the Empty ThroneTake What’s Theirs (5)
Host of the EverchosenDefend What’s Ours (1)
Legion of the First PrinceFollow the Path to Glory (1)

The above table shows the most selected Grand Strategy for each subfaction, ranking them in order. The number in brackets shows how many times that strategy was selected in a 4+ winning list.

Average Points Spending by Faction

Knights of the Empty Throne8441,1250000
Host of the Everchosen1,3856100000
Legion of the First Prince480360001,1400
*Leaders **Battleline ***Behemoth

The above table shows what each player who achieves 4 or more wins at a GT is spending their points on, on average.

Core Battalion Choices

SubfactionAverage Number of Battalions per ListAverage Number of Drops per List
Knights of the Empty Throne11
Host of the Everchosen24
Legion of the First Prince17

The average number of battalions that an average list which achieves 4 or more wins is shown in the second column in the table above. The third column shows the average drop count for a list with 4+ wins from that subfaction.

CabalistsKnights of the Empty ThroneHost of the EverchosenLegion of the First Prince
Battle Regiment (4)Battle Regiment (5)Battle Regiment (1)Battle Regiment (1)
Command Entourage (2)Galletian Command (1)

The above table shows the core battalions chosen by subfaction. The number in brackets shows how many times the battalion was chosen. Bear in mind that a battalion such as Battle Regiment can be taken multiple times in a single list.


Command Trait Choices

Subfaction1st Choice2nd Choice
CabalistsMaster of Magic (3)Idolater Lord (1)
Knights of the Empty ThroneMaster of Magic (4)Arch-Sorcerer (1)
Host of the EverchosenNone (Archaon)
Legion of the First PrinceMaster of Magic (1)

This table shows the most common choices in terms of Command Traits for the general. The number inside the brackets, as in previous tables above, denotes how many of the 4+ winning lists chose that command trait.

Most Commonly Used Warscrolls by Subfaction

The below shows which of the Warscrolls in the faction are most commonly used for each subfaction.

Once again, the number of times the Warscoll appears in a 4+ winning list is shown in brackets.

As a note, reinforced units and difference Marks of Chaos are treated as a distinct Warscroll. This is intended to give an idea of which units are commonly being reinforced for that subfaction.


Unique Characters & Endless Spells

The below table shows the unique characters take up percentage any unique characters chosen in 4+ winning lists appear in the lists for that subfaction.

CharacterCabalistsKnights of the Empty ThroneHost of the EverchosenLegion of the First Prince
Archaon, the Everchosen60%100%
Theddra Skull-Scryer100%
Sarrakkar Blackwing25%
Be’Lakor, the Dark Master100%
Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws25%
Soulscream Bridge50%

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