Gloomspite Gitz: Stats Breakdown

The following is a breakdown the Gloomspite Gitz and its subfactions. This data is kept up to date as often as we can and was last updated on the 17th March 2023.

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Current Win Rates

The below table shows the current win rates for all the subfactions that have been used up to and including the 12th March 2023.

OVERALL WIN RATE: 52.66% (3rd of all Factions)

4+ Lists, Units and Distinct Warscroll Counts

There have been a total of 10 lists that have achieved 4 or more wins at GT’s under the current General’s Handbook. These are broken down by Subfaction below. We have also included the average number of units that appear in each of these high performing subfactions list, and the number of distinct warscrolls.

SubfactionLists with 4+ WinsAv # of Units Per ListAv # of Distinct Warscrolls Per List
Jaws of Mork6119
King’s Gitz398
Glogg’s Megamob198

Average Points Spending by Faction

Jaws of Mork24%54%9%13%1%
King’s Gitz24%49%4%23%
Glogg’s Megamob33%49%18%
Ld=Leaders BL=Battleline Bh=Behemoth Oth=Other

The above table shows what each player who achieves 4 or more wins at a GT is spending their points on, on average.

Core Battalion Choices

SubfactionAv # of Battalions per ListAve # of Drops per List
Jaws of Mork27
King’s Gitz29
Glogg’s Megamob23

The average number of battalions that an average list which achieves 4 or more wins is shown in the second column in the table above. The third column shows the average drop count for a list with 4+ wins from that subfaction.


Most Commonly Used Warscrolls by Subfaction

The below table shows as a percentage each warscroll appears in each subfactions list. With the most popular at the top.

Top 3 Lists Articles Featuring Lumineth Realm-Lords

Sheffield Slaughter (UK)
Colonial Carnage (US)
Sydney Salt Smash (Aus)