Faction Breakdown: Nighthaunt

Last Update: 7th January 2023

This is a breakdown of the lists for Nighthaunt since the Battlescroll: Galetian Veterans dropped in October. This analysis only takes into account lists which have achieved four or more wins.

So far there have been 13 lists to achieve this.

Scarlet Doom10/13 Lists
Quicksilver Dead2/13 Lists
Emerald Host1/13 Lists
Subfactions Used
Grand StrategyUsed
Fright or Flight8/13 Lists
Show of Dominance3/13 Lists
A Soul to Claim1/13 Lists
Grand Strategies Used
Guardian of Souls4/13 Lists
Krulghast Cruciator4/13 Lists
Spirit Torment4/13 Lists
Dreadblade Harrow1/13 Lists
Models used as General
Command TraitUsed
Master of Magic7/13 Lists
Ruler of the Spirit Hosts5/13 Lists
Cloaked in Shadow1/13 Lists
Command Traits Used
Lightshard of the Harvest Moon10/13 Lists
Arcane Tome6/13 Lists
Midnight Tome4/13 Lists
Pendant of the Fell Wind2/13 Lists
Seal of Shyish8/13 Lists
Shademist7/13 Lists
Endless SpellsUsed
Purple Son of Shyish4/13 Lists
Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws1/13 Lists
Endless Spells
Core BattalionsUsed
Expert Conquerors11/13 Lists
Bounty Hunters11/13 Lists
Warlord – Magnificent9/13 Lists
Battle Regiment4/13 Lists
Command Entourage – Magnificent1/13 Lists
Core Battalions
Leader UnitsAppearancesAverage per Appearance
Krulghast Cruciator12/13 Lists1.2
Spirit Torment11/13 Lists1.4
Guardian of Souls8/13 Lists1.0
Lady Olynder2/13 Lists1.0
Nagash1/13 Lists1.0
Dreadblade Harrow1/13 Lists1.0
Awlrach the Drowner1/13 Lists1.0
Leader Units used
Battleline UnitsAppearancesAverage per Appearance
Spirit Hosts9/13 Lists1.0
Hexwraiths8/13 Lists2.9
Bladeghast Revenants (Reinforced Once)7/13 Lists2.1
Chainrasps5/13 Lists1.4
Spirit Hosts
(Reinforced Twice)
3/13 Lists1.0
Bladeghast Revenants (Reinforced Twice)3/13 Lists1.0
Bladeghast Revenants3/13 Lists2.7
Battleline Units used
Other UnitsAppearancesAverage per Appearance
Chainghasts5/13 Lists1.0
Dreadscythe Harridans3/13 Lists2.0
Myrmourn Banshees2/13 Lists1.0
Grimghast Reapers1/13 Lists3.0
Fell Bats1/13 Lists2.0
Dreadscythe Harridans (Reinforced Once)1/13 Lists1.0
Krondspine1/13 Lists1.0
Battleline Units used