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AoS Meta Stats (w/e 19th June 2022)

Here are the AoS Meta Stats for all the Grand Tournaments that have taken place between Monday 13th June and Sunday 19th June 2022. These are all the GT’s that I can locate on or BestCoastPairing, if you know of any others please send me a link and I’ll add them.

There was a total of 3 Grand Tournaments last week, a quiet week! That being said, one of them was the awesome UK tSports Champions, which our very own Declan was invited to take part in. You can read up on his prep here.


Grand Tournaments

Ranked from largest to smallest.

Pyrehammer 2022 – Wielkopolskie/Poland
40 Players

1stSons of BehematBreaker Tribe4-0-1
2ndStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
3rdBeasts of Chaos5-0-0
5thMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
6thLumineth Realm-LordsSyar3-1-1
7thKharadron OverlordsBarak-Zilfin3-1-1
8thMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men3-0-2
9thStormcast EternalsHallowed Knights4-0-1
10thMaggotkin of NurlgeDrowned Men3-1-1
Pyrehammer AoS GT

Rise of the Everchosen – Emilia Romagna/Italy
32 Players

1stMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men5-0-0
2ndMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-1-0
3rdSlaves to DarknessKnights of the Empty Throne4-1-0
4thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
6thSeraphonThunder Lizard3-0-2
7thSeraphonThunder Lizard3-0-2
8thSons of BehematStomper Tribe3-0-2
9thStormcast EternalsKnights Excelsior3-0-2
10thCities of SigmarLiving City3-0-2
Rise of the Everchosen AoS GT

UK tSports Champions – England/UK
16 Players

1stBeasts of ChaosAllherd5-0-0
2ndMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
3rdMaggotkin of NurgleDroning Guard3-0-2
5thCities of SigmarTempest’s Eye3-1-1
6thIdoneth DeepkinMor’Phann2-0-3
7thSeraphonThunder Lizard3-0-2
8thNighthauntEmerald Host2-0-3
9thNighthauntScarlet Doom3-0-2
10thCities of SigmarHallowheart3-0-2
UK tSports Champions AoS GT

Grand Alliance Stats

286 players took part in 10 GT’s over the last week.

Grand AllianceWin RateArmies% Share of Armies5-0 Wins4+ Wins

Faction Stats

The below stat show the results for those factions represented by 5 armies or more only.

FactionWin RateArmies% Share of Armies5-0 Wins0-5 Losses
Maggotkin of Nurgle66.0%1011.36%14
Cities of Sigmar58.6%77.95%00
Stormcast Eternals54.0%1011.36%03
Idoneth Deepkin46.0%55.68%00
Soulblight Gravelords33.3%66.82%00

Maggotkin of Nurgle top the charts this week in a very small data set. With a win rate of 66.0% Followed closely by Cities of Sigmar with a win rate of 58.6%. Seraphon, Fyreslayers and Soulblight Gravelords all struggling to make that magical 45% mark with Soulblight Gravelords being the only faction below 40%.


Subfaction Stats

Only Seraphon/Thunder Lizard and Maggotkin of Nurgle/Drowned Men made the requirement for this table (min 5 armies represented). Thunder Lizard managed a win rate of 43% while Drowned Men achieved 72.5%……

AoS Meta Stats (w/e 12th June 2022)

On Reddit Warhammer 40k has the Meta Mondays posted by the brilliant u/JCMS85 on r/WarhammerCompetitive. So why can’t we have one for AoS? Well we can….

Here are the stats for all the Grand Tournaments that have taken place between Monday 6th June and Sunday 12th June 2022. These are all the GT’s that I can locate on or BestCoastPairing, if you know of any others please send me a link and I’ll add them.

There was a total of 10 Grand Tournaments last week, however only 9 had data available to analyse. Valleycon 2022 was a 26 player tournament but no lists were available at the time of publishing these stats.


Grand Tournaments

Ranked from largest to smallest.

US Open San Diego – California/USA
74 Players

1stSeraphonThunder Lizard5-0-0
2ndCities of SigmarLiving City5-0-0
3rdCities of SigmarLiving City5-0-0
5thBlades of KhorneReapers of Vengeance4-0-1
6thLumineth Realm-LordsZaitrec4-0-1
7thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
8thLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
9thBeasts of ChaosGavespawn4-0-1
10thSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
San Diego Open

Atlantic City Open – New Jersey/USA
73 Players

1stMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men5-0-0
2ndSoulblight GravelordsLegion of Blood5-0-0
3rdMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
4thIdoneth DeepkinNautilar4-0-1
6thDaughters of KhaineKhailebron4-0-1
7thDaughters of KhaineHagg Nar4-0-1
8thSons of BehematBreaker Tribe4-0-1
9thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
10thLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
Atlantic City Open

GT de CAT – Catalunya/Spain
30 Players

1stSeraphonThunder Lizard5-0-0
2ndSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
3rdLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
4thMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
5thSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
6thNighthauntReikenor’s Condemned3-0-2
8thDaughters of KhaineKhailebron3-0-2
9thDisciples of TzeentchHosts Duplicitous3-0-2
10thKharadon OverlordsBarak-Zilfin3-0-2

Mawtribes Massacre: Annihilation – England/UK
30 Players

1stStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
3rdMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
4thSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
6thBeasts of ChaosGavespawn3-0-2
7thDaughters of KhaineHagg Nar3-0-2
8thStormcast EternalsHallowed Knights3-0-2
9thLegion of the First Prince3-0-2
10thSoulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty3-0-2
Mawtribes Massacre: Annihilation

Sunshine Coast Open – England/UK
27 Players

1stSeraphonDracothion’s Tail5-0-0
2ndNighthauntScarlet Doom4-1-0
3rdIdoneth DeepkinIonrach4-0-1
4thSeraphonThunder Lizard3-1-1
5thSons of BehematTaker Tribe3-1-1
6thNighthauntEmerald Host3-0-2
7thLumineth Realm-LordsAlumnia3-0-2
8thCities of SigmarTempest’s Eye3-0-2
9thBeasts of ChaosGavespawn3-0-2
10thGloomspite GitzGlogg’s Megamob3-0-2
Sunshine Coast Open

Wargames for Warriors – Utah/USA
22 Players

1stLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
2ndDaughters of KhaineKhelt Nar4-0-1
3rdNighthauntEmerald Host4-0-1
4thSoulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty4-0-1
5thDaughters of KhaineZainthar Kai3-0-2
6thSlaves to DarknessRavagers3-0-2
7thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar3-0-2
8thMaggotkin of NurgleBefouling Host3-0-2
9thSoulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty3-0-2
10thSoulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty3-0-2
Wargames for Warriors

Justice Series – England/UK
18 Players

1stMaggotkin of NurgleBefouling Host5-0-0
2ndDaughters of KhaineZainthar Kai4-0-1
3rdCities of SigmarTempest’s Eye4-0-1
4thNighthauntScarlet Doom3-0-2
5thMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men3-0-2
6thSoulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty3-0-2
7thSons of BehematBreaker Tribe3-0-2
8thDaughters of KhaineZainthar Kai3-0-2
9thKruleboyzBig Yellers3-0-2
10thStormcast EternalsTempest Lords2-0-3
Justice Series

Game Knight AoS GT – Ontario/Canada
12 Players

1stIdoneth DeepkinMor’Phann5-0-0
2ndSons of BehematBreaker Tribe3-0-2
3rdOgor MawtribesBoulderhead3-0-2
4thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar3-0-2
5thMaggotkin of NurgleMunificent Wanderers3-0-2
7thLegion of the First Prince2-0-3
8thLumineth Realm-LordsZaitrec2-0-3
9thOssiarch BonereapersPetrifex Elite2-0-3
10thBlades of KhorneBaleful Lords2-0-3
Game Knight AoS GT

Grand Alliance Stats

286 players took part in 10 GT’s over the last week.

Grand AllianceWin RateArmies% Share of Armies5-0 Wins4+ Wins

Faction Stats

The below stat show the results for those factions represented by 5 armies or more only.

FactionWin RateArmies% Share of Armies5-0 Wins0-5 Losses
Legion of the First Prince65.0%81.40%00
Maggotkin of Nurgle58.6%213.67%20
Idoneth Deepkin58.5%111.92%10
Soulblight Gravelords57.7%132.27%10
Cities of Sigmar57.0%101.75%20
Daughters of Khaine56.4%142.45%01
Lumineth Realm-Lords52.1%101.75%00
Sons of Behemat48.5%142.45%01
Ogor Mawtribes47.2%111.92%00
Stormcast Eternals45.0%437.52%03
Hedonites of Slaanesh38.3%61.05%00
Ossiarch Bonereapers31.1%111.92%01
Gloomspite Gitz30.0%61.05%01

Despite Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine being released now for a couple of weeks, we still see Seraphon, Legion of the First Prince and Maggotkin of Nurgle topping the win rates. On top of that Seraphon managed to grab three 5-0 results this week.

As a rough guide factions should have win rates of between 45-55% to ensure the game is roughly balance (true balance being impossible). The above shows that 7 factions have exceeded this band (including the new Daughters of Khaine) with Seraphon and Legion of the First Prince have exceeded the 60% win rate barrier. There are also seven factions below this ideal range, including one of the new battletomes for 3rd Edition (Fyreslayers). While Stormcast Eternals have a win rate of 45% we have to bear in mind that this is the most popular faction and is often the ones new players use when first playing Age of Sigmar, so the range of skill of the players inside this faction will vary widely, while many of the other faction will have a dedicated fan base or have tournament players looking for a faction that provides them the best chance at good results.


Subfaction Stats

The below stat show the results for those subfactions represented by 5 armies or more only.

FactionSubfactionWin RateArmies5-0 Wins0-5 Losses
SeraphonThunder Lizard67.3%1121
Maggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men65.5%1110
Legion of the First Prince65.0%800
Lumineth Realm-LordsZaitrec60.9%500
Idoneth DeepkinNautilar58.6%600
Cities of SigmarLiving City58.3%620
NighthauntScarlet Doom54.3%700
Daughters of KhaineZainthar Kai54.3%700
Soulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty53.3%600
Sons of BehematBreaker Tribe53.1%1000
Stormcast EternalsAstral Templars50.0%600
Stormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar49.1%2301
KruleboyzBig Yellers43.4%801
Hedonites of SlaaneshLurid Haze42.0%500
NighthauntEmerald Host41.5%1302
Stormcast EternalsHallowed Knights35.6%901
Ossiarch BonereapersPetrifex Elite32.3%1001
Gloomspite Gitz24.0%501

The faction stats are pretty much replicated above with Lumineth Realm-Lords/Zaitrec joining the +60% club this week. Meanwhile despite Anthony Trentanelli’s heroics with Skaven recently (claiming two GT’s and going 4-1 this week) they still sit below 45% with a miserable 37.9% win rate. Will their new battletome and the Generals Handbook see a change in this though? A new tome can’t come soon enough for Gloomspite Gitz and Ossiarch Bonereapers….

Top Three AoS Lists from Trouble at Mill

Leodis Games – Trouble at Mill took place in Farsley, UK on 14th and 15th May. This was a 1500 point tournament as opposed to the usual 2,000. It involved 14 players vying to be crowned champion in a 5 game tournament.

Before I jump into the Top Three, I wanted to remind everyone of our friendly Discord server where you can join in the conversation with the Woehammer crew and suggest articles or series for the website.

1st Place – Jake Helm

Jake won all five games over the weekend. Along the way he beat Fyreslayers/Greyfyrd in round 1, Fyreslayers/Greyfyrd in round 2, Disciples of Tzeentch/Hosts Duplicitous in round 3, Stormcast Eternals/Hammers of Sigmar in round 4 and Maggotkin of Nurgle/Drowned men in Round 5.

Army Faction: Maggotkin of Nurgle
– Army Subfaction: Befouling Host
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
– Triumphs: Inspired

Great Unclean One
– General
– Command Traits: Nurgling Infestation
– Doomsday Bell and Plague Flail
– Spells: Fleshy Abundance

Spoilpox Scrivener (120)**
– Artefacts: Tome of a Thousand Poxes
– Spells: Gift of Disease

1 x Plaguebearers
Plaguebearers (150)*
Beasts of Nurgle (110)**
Beasts of Nurgle (110)**
Beasts of Nurgle (110)**

Feculent Gnarlmaw
Feculent Gnarlmaw (0)


*Hunters of the Heartlands

TOTAL POINTS: (1500/2000)

Danny: So it’s looking like Nurgle are pretty good huh? Although props to Jake for avoiding flies and running with the adorable Beasts of Nurgle pack instead. Spoilpox also doesn’t see a huge amount of play as he’s more a buff piece for plaguebearers – but why wouldn’t you want to run a hero whose main attack is called ‘disgusting sneeze’? Again, high pressure, high wound, highly durable that plays the objective super well. Will the forthcoming books have tools to dethrone the multiple rampant nurgle lists? Time will shortly tell!


2nd Place – Simon Burdett

Simon managed four wins over the two days losing only against 1st placed Jake in round 5. Along the way they beat Stormcast Eternals/Hallowed Knights in round 1, Gloomspite Gitz in round 2, Stormcast Eternals/Hammers of Sigmar in round 3 and Disciples of Tzeentch/Hosts Duplicitous in round 4.

Allegiance: Maggotkin of Nurgle
– Subfaction: Drowned Men
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
– Triumphs: Indomitable

Lord of Afflictions
– General
– Command Trait: Overpowering Stench
– Artefact: The Splithorn Helm

Great Unclean One (495)**
– Plague Flail & Doomsday Bell
– Lore of Virulence: Stream of Corruption

2 x Pusgoyle Blightlords
5 x Putrid Blightkings (250)*
3 x Nurglings (105)**
1 x Beasts of Nurgle (110)**
1 x Pusgoyle Blightlords – Single (110)*

*Hunters of the Heartlands
**Battle Regiment

Total: 1500 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 0 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 89
Drops: 5

Danny: Nurgle good-stuff – some flies, some beasts, nurglings, and a big stinker in Drowned Men for setting up a winning position turn 1. While we’re repeatedly doing Nurgle – allow me to speculate – new Nighthaunt may be able to outswarm and re-position from Nurgle pinning/control plays – could definitely be a counter to their recent dominance! Not long to wait and find out.


3rd Place – Michael Bywood

Michael also finished the weekend with one loss and four wins. His path saw him beat Fyreslayers/Greyfyrd in round 1, then lose to Disciples of Tzeentch/Hosts Duplicitous in round 2. In round 3 he beat Kruleboyz/Big Yellers, followed by Stormcast Eternals/Hallowed Knights in round 4 and Stormcast Eternals/Hammers of Sigmar in round 5.

Allegiance: Lumineth Realm-lords
– Great Nation: Ymetrica
– Grand Strategy: Sever the Head
– Triumphs: Indomitable

Alarith Stonemage
– General
– Command Trait: Almighty Blow
– Artefact: Mountain’s Gift
– Lore of the High Peaks: Entomb

5 x Alarith Stoneguard
– Diamondpick Hammers
5 x Alarith Stoneguard (120)**
– Diamondpick Hammers

Alarith Spirit of the Mountain (355)*
Alarith Spirit of the Mountain (355)*
Alarith Spirit of the Mountain (355)*

Emerald Lifeswarm (60)

*Alpha-Beast Pack

Total: 1495 / 1500
Reinforced Units: 0 / 3
Allies: 0 / 300
Wounds: 61
Drops: 6

Danny: Lumineth are the army everyone loves to hate – but they’re not actually showing up on podiums that much these days, often because if you can tank their initial Sentinel hell-fire, you can usually outscore and whittle them down. But sometimes, someone decides to flex and run no Sentinels, no foxes, no wardens, and go full rock’n’roll with 3 mountain cows and supporting Stoneguard/mages for full on synergy and literal hammers everywhere. Big congrats for going 4-1 with a list I’ve never seen before – but it makes sense, those hammer-cows can be a nightmare to shift and with access to rend 2, plus one nasty ranged attack each, when they hit, you really feel it.


Wildcard – George Elton

George won three games and lost two, ending his weekend in a very respectful 4th. Along the way he lost to 2nd placed Michael and his Nurgle in round1, then lost to 1st place Jake and his Nurgle in round 2. After that being sick of fighting Nurgle no doubt, he went on to beat Maggotkin of Nurgle/Blessed Sons in round 3, Flesh-eater Courts/Blisterskin in round 4 and Disciples of Tzeentch/Hosts Duplicitous in round 5.

Army Faction: Fyreslayers
– Subfaction: Greyfyrd
– Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
– Triumph: Inspired x2

Auric Runefather
– General
– Command Traits: Fury of the Fyreslayers
– Artefacts of Power: Axe of Grimnir

Battlesmith (150)**
Auric Runesmiter (135)**
– Forge Key
– Artefacts of Power: Arcane Tome
– Spells: Flaming Weapon
– Prayers: Prayer Of Ash

Vulkite Berzerkers with Bladed Slingshields
– Fyresteel War-pick and Bladed Slingshield
Hearthguard Berzerkers (320)*
– Berzerker Broadaxe
Hearthguard Berzerkers (320)*
– Berzerker Broadaxe
Vulkite Berzerkers with Bladed Slingshields (160)*
– Fyresteel War-pick and Bladed Slingshield

Grimwrath Berzerker
– Artefacts of Power: Draught of Magmalt Ale

*Hunters of the Heartlands
**Command Entourage

TOTAL POINTS: 1475/2000

Danny: Fyreslayers are still one of the new-book-underdogs, but in past weeks we’ve seen them encroaching on the podium – which hopefully suggests it’s just a tricky book with a higher skill floor than we imagined. This list trades the usual massive blobs of Hearthguard for more of the ‘smaller’ bezerkers to get more bodies on the board, and pops an interesting tech piece and a 3rd flavour of bezerker into the mix, in the form of a Grimwrath with Draught of Magmalt ale. Grimwraths pick an Oath (each one gives a variety of buffs) at the start of the game, which allows for a bit of reactivity – and Magmalt Ale is a once per game ‘double attacks’ suggesting George was using this little dwarf-that-could as a guided missile. Nice play!

Final Tournament Placings