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WoePoints 2023

Keep thinking of tackling that hobby backlog? Then why not join in with Woehammer and take part in WoePoints this year.

As a form of hobby golf, you’ll get negative points for every model you paint or sell and positive points for those that you buy.

Each month we’ll highlight some of the models that have been painted in an article run-down.

How do you score points? All the points are listed below:

  • -1 for each infantry model painted or sold on base sizes up to and including 40mm.
  • -1 for each completed unit
  • -2 for each infantry model painted or sold on base sizes larger than 40mm.
  • -2 for each cavalry model painted or sold
  • -2 for character models painted or sold
  • -5 for each terrain piece painted or sold
  • -5 for each vehicle or monster painted or sold
  • -10 for each lord of war/God model painted or sold

You get positive points of the same value for each model of the type specified above that your bought. E.g. if you buy 10 infantry models on 32mm bases you will get +10 points.

As well as these points, you’ll also get +5 points for any pre-orders you make.

REMEMBER only purchases or models you have painted or sold in 2023 count towards your points. So painting your backlog counts as free points!

Any prizes?

No, this is just for fun and intended to help you reduce your pile of potential.

How do I record my points?

Good news! You can do that on our friendly Discord server. Just drop an pictures into the #WoePoints-2023 channel and a mod will update your points. You’ll then be able to check your pointd by typing !points.

It’s as simple as that!

Massive thank you to Ben Bailey of Dice and Ducks and GW fame for building our WoeBot to keep track of the points!

Plans for the Woehammer GT

I’m starting to put together everything I need now. But I wanted to share with all our Patreons the plans for the Woehammer GT to see what you think.

Firstly, this will be a standard GT (of a fashion), so if you want to come for the weekend and have five fun games of AoS you can…..


Alongside this, we’re running a narrative element. You as a General will be immersed into a storyline where you have been tasked to take and hold a city in the Realm of Life. Your story begins before the event weekend:


You have has a vision from your god. In the heart of The Realm of Life, lies a hidden city, the City of Treveglos. Rumoured to be the source of a Shrine which can ascend those who prove themselves worthy.

Gathering your forces you head for the Realm of Life and send out your scouts along the route given to you in your vision.

Two weeks. That’s how long it has taken your forces to travel to the Valley of Bewnans. Marshaling your army through the realm gate was no easy feat, but that was easier than the travel along the River. The River Kerrek was full of hazards that your scouts had not warned you about, and losing two ships enroute was a big blow to your plans.

Now, as you approach the landing point you not entirely confident you have enough soldiers to take Treveglos with the ease you had first envisioned.

What else?

You can’t have a story without a setting, so I commissioned TomDrawsThings to put us together a little map of the area this all takes place in.

This is the first draft, and more details will be added along with locations etc.

Once at the event, players will then be handed the next segment of their story before the Games begin. Then after each game they’ll have additional segments of the story until the end of their journey after game 5.

That’s not all though, depending on their result in each game, their story will differ as the weekend progresses. Giving you an ending for your General after game five. Will they be successful and ascend to the right hand side of their chosen God, or will their name be forgotten to time?


To give everyone a chance of succeeding there will be two scoring systems at the weekend.

The first will rank players traditionally on the number of wins and then victory points.

The second will use our Woehammer player Rankings system to calculate who would be the winner. Faction scoring will be released the week before the event once all army lists have been submitted and approved. But, this should mean that anybody regardless of the faction they play should have a chance of taking at least one prize home.


Talking of Prizes, the winner both of the Traditional scoring system and the Woehammer Points System will both walkway with £50 in GW vouchers. 2nd and 3rd in both systems will also walk away with £25 and £10 respectively.

There is a chance a player could top both the traditional scoring chart and the Woehammer Points System, if that happens then yes, they will walk away with both prizes.

As well as this, we’ll be handing out the usual trophies on the day.

We’re also having a raffle on the day which will include various Warhammer Age of Sigmar goodies, with the top prize being a Vanguard box. Tickets are £1 each and available online before the event to those not attending, and on the day to those that are.

YouTube Coverage

The event is going to be covered live on YouTube by Dice and Ducks (Ben Bailey), so if you can’t get to the event why not watch along online?

The Weekend

It’s all taking place at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry, Northamptonshire on the weekend of the 13th and 14th May 2023.

A packed lunch is provided on the day, however there is a McDonald’s nearby of you prefer. Parking at the event is on street, but it is located inside an Industrial Estate so you should not struggle to park.

We originally had 36 tickets back in August, we have now sold 17 of these. So if you want a spot I would book soon.

Where to Book

Tickets are available on line through eventbrite.

Who’s Attending?

From the Woehammer Crew, myself (Peter) and Declan will be running the event as TO’s.

Taking part will be Kieran, Dave and Stuart (who is flying from the US to take part!)

Hopefully we’ll see you there!

Like what we do? Why not buy us a Kofi?

Woehammer AoS GT

Yup, we’re tired of writing about other GT’s! We’ve decided to hold our own!

You can purchase your tickets now for £35 on Eventbrite.

The event itself takes place on the 13th and 14th May 2023 at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry:

Battlefield Hobbies
2 South March
#Unit 1
NN11 4PH

For the £35 entry fee you’ll receive two games of gaming with lunch included for both days. We’re hoping that event coverage will be provided on the day by the awesome Dice and Ducks crew if they’re available. As well as that they’ll be prizes (provided with thanks by SCN Hobbies) for 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Wooden Spoon and Best in faction (yes, best Ossiarch Bonereapers etc) and of course Best Painted.

You’ll have a chance to meet myself and others of the crew who’ll be at the event (and no doubt rolling some dice themselves).

The Schedule

Day 1 – 13th May 2023

09:00 – Doors Open
09:30 – Game 1
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Game 2
16:00 – Game 3
19:00 – Close

Day 2 – 14th May 2023

09:00 – Doors Open
09:30 – Game 4
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Game 5
16:00 – Awards
18:00 – Close

The Admin Stuff

  • We will be using the most recent General’s Handbook in publication at the time of the event.
  • Armies must be fully painted and valid at 2,000 Points
  • Please bring a copy of your Battletome, the Handbook and Rules
  • Please also bring dice, objective markers and a tape measure
  • Army lists must be submitted at least 1 week before the event begins

Hopefully I’ll see you there!