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Write My Tournament Army – Series Finale


Originally this tournament army was going to be played at the ‘Age of the Dark Gods‘ tournament organised by Savage Hammer Gaming on 24th September. However, due to not enough interest in the event, I was invited instead to attend their event on 25th June ‘The Battle of the God-Kings‘. This is being held in Harrold, near Bedford. For those interested, there are still tickets available.

Last time we had one last vote and that was to decide on whether to keep the Warlord Battalion or change it to another Battle Regiment. The results are in!

With the overwhelming response being to change to the battle regiment, we’ve changed our list to a 3 drop. This should give me a good chance of deciding whether to go first or second.

The Final Tournament Army List

Army Faction: Orruk Warclans
Army Type: Kruleboyz
– Subfaction: Big Yellers
– Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery
– Triumph: Inspired

Breaka-boss on Mirebrute Troggoth (180)
Mount Traits: Fast ’Un
Gobsprakk (280)*
Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot (105)**
Spells: Nasty Hex
Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast (315)**
– Command Traits: Supa Sneaky
– Artefacts of Power: Mork’s Eye Pebble
Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot (105)**
Spells: Choking Mist

Man-skewer Boltboyz (360)*
Boltboy Boss
Man-skewer Boltboyz (240)*
Boltboy Boss
Man-skewer Boltboyz (120)*
Boltboy Boss
Gutrippaz (180)**
Gutrippa Banner Bearer
– Gutrippa Drummer
– Gutrippa Boss
– Wicked Stikka

Hobgrot Slittaz (80)**
– Scrap Totem Bearer
– Noise-maker
– Hobgrot Boss

*Battle Regiment
**Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: 1965/2000
Reinforced Units: 4 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 118
Drops: 3

That should do it! Now just to paint the last few models and then roll some dice. I hope I get to play some of my fellow Woehammerers, Ed, Declan and Rhys are all attending the event. I’ll let you know how I get on.

Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook 2022 – Death Points Changes


Below are the summaries of all the points changes for all the Death factions.

Soulblight Gravelords
Ossiarch Bonereapers
Flesh-eater Courts

Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook 2022 – Chaos Points Changes


Below are the summaries of all the points changes for all the Chaos factions.

Hedonites of Slaanesh
Slaves to Darkness
Maggotkin of Nurgle
Blades of Khorne
Disciples of Tzeentch
Beasts of Chaos

AoS Meta Stats (w/e 12th June 2022)


On Reddit Warhammer 40k has the Meta Mondays posted by the brilliant u/JCMS85 on r/WarhammerCompetitive. So why can’t we have one for AoS? Well we can….

Here are the stats for all the Grand Tournaments that have taken place between Monday 6th June and Sunday 12th June 2022. These are all the GT’s that I can locate on or BestCoastPairing, if you know of any others please send me a link and I’ll add them.

There was a total of 10 Grand Tournaments last week, however only 9 had data available to analyse. Valleycon 2022 was a 26 player tournament but no lists were available at the time of publishing these stats.


Grand Tournaments

Ranked from largest to smallest.

US Open San Diego – California/USA
74 Players

1stSeraphonThunder Lizard5-0-0
2ndCities of SigmarLiving City5-0-0
3rdCities of SigmarLiving City5-0-0
5thBlades of KhorneReapers of Vengeance4-0-1
6thLumineth Realm-LordsZaitrec4-0-1
7thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
8thLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
9thBeasts of ChaosGavespawn4-0-1
10thSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
San Diego Open

Atlantic City Open – New Jersey/USA
73 Players

1stMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men5-0-0
2ndSoulblight GravelordsLegion of Blood5-0-0
3rdMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
4thIdoneth DeepkinNautilar4-0-1
6thDaughters of KhaineKhailebron4-0-1
7thDaughters of KhaineHagg Nar4-0-1
8thSons of BehematBreaker Tribe4-0-1
9thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
10thLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
Atlantic City Open

GT de CAT – Catalunya/Spain
30 Players

1stSeraphonThunder Lizard5-0-0
2ndSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
3rdLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
4thMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
5thSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
6thNighthauntReikenor’s Condemned3-0-2
8thDaughters of KhaineKhailebron3-0-2
9thDisciples of TzeentchHosts Duplicitous3-0-2
10thKharadon OverlordsBarak-Zilfin3-0-2

Mawtribes Massacre: Annihilation – England/UK
30 Players

1stStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar4-0-1
3rdMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men4-0-1
4thSeraphonThunder Lizard4-0-1
6thBeasts of ChaosGavespawn3-0-2
7thDaughters of KhaineHagg Nar3-0-2
8thStormcast EternalsHallowed Knights3-0-2
9thLegion of the First Prince3-0-2
10thSoulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty3-0-2
Mawtribes Massacre: Annihilation

Sunshine Coast Open – England/UK
27 Players

1stSeraphonDracothion’s Tail5-0-0
2ndNighthauntScarlet Doom4-1-0
3rdIdoneth DeepkinIonrach4-0-1
4thSeraphonThunder Lizard3-1-1
5thSons of BehematTaker Tribe3-1-1
6thNighthauntEmerald Host3-0-2
7thLumineth Realm-LordsAlumnia3-0-2
8thCities of SigmarTempest’s Eye3-0-2
9thBeasts of ChaosGavespawn3-0-2
10thGloomspite GitzGlogg’s Megamob3-0-2
Sunshine Coast Open

Wargames for Warriors – Utah/USA
22 Players

1stLegion of the First Prince4-0-1
2ndDaughters of KhaineKhelt Nar4-0-1
3rdNighthauntEmerald Host4-0-1
4thSoulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty4-0-1
5thDaughters of KhaineZainthar Kai3-0-2
6thSlaves to DarknessRavagers3-0-2
7thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar3-0-2
8thMaggotkin of NurgleBefouling Host3-0-2
9thSoulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty3-0-2
10thSoulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty3-0-2
Wargames for Warriors

Justice Series – England/UK
18 Players

1stMaggotkin of NurgleBefouling Host5-0-0
2ndDaughters of KhaineZainthar Kai4-0-1
3rdCities of SigmarTempest’s Eye4-0-1
4thNighthauntScarlet Doom3-0-2
5thMaggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men3-0-2
6thSoulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty3-0-2
7thSons of BehematBreaker Tribe3-0-2
8thDaughters of KhaineZainthar Kai3-0-2
9thKruleboyzBig Yellers3-0-2
10thStormcast EternalsTempest Lords2-0-3
Justice Series

Game Knight AoS GT – Ontario/Canada
12 Players

1stIdoneth DeepkinMor’Phann5-0-0
2ndSons of BehematBreaker Tribe3-0-2
3rdOgor MawtribesBoulderhead3-0-2
4thStormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar3-0-2
5thMaggotkin of NurgleMunificent Wanderers3-0-2
7thLegion of the First Prince2-0-3
8thLumineth Realm-LordsZaitrec2-0-3
9thOssiarch BonereapersPetrifex Elite2-0-3
10thBlades of KhorneBaleful Lords2-0-3
Game Knight AoS GT

Grand Alliance Stats

286 players took part in 10 GT’s over the last week.

Grand AllianceWin RateArmies% Share of Armies5-0 Wins4+ Wins

Faction Stats

The below stat show the results for those factions represented by 5 armies or more only.

FactionWin RateArmies% Share of Armies5-0 Wins0-5 Losses
Legion of the First Prince65.0%81.40%00
Maggotkin of Nurgle58.6%213.67%20
Idoneth Deepkin58.5%111.92%10
Soulblight Gravelords57.7%132.27%10
Cities of Sigmar57.0%101.75%20
Daughters of Khaine56.4%142.45%01
Lumineth Realm-Lords52.1%101.75%00
Sons of Behemat48.5%142.45%01
Ogor Mawtribes47.2%111.92%00
Stormcast Eternals45.0%437.52%03
Hedonites of Slaanesh38.3%61.05%00
Ossiarch Bonereapers31.1%111.92%01
Gloomspite Gitz30.0%61.05%01

Despite Nighthaunt and Daughters of Khaine being released now for a couple of weeks, we still see Seraphon, Legion of the First Prince and Maggotkin of Nurgle topping the win rates. On top of that Seraphon managed to grab three 5-0 results this week.

As a rough guide factions should have win rates of between 45-55% to ensure the game is roughly balance (true balance being impossible). The above shows that 7 factions have exceeded this band (including the new Daughters of Khaine) with Seraphon and Legion of the First Prince have exceeded the 60% win rate barrier. There are also seven factions below this ideal range, including one of the new battletomes for 3rd Edition (Fyreslayers). While Stormcast Eternals have a win rate of 45% we have to bear in mind that this is the most popular faction and is often the ones new players use when first playing Age of Sigmar, so the range of skill of the players inside this faction will vary widely, while many of the other faction will have a dedicated fan base or have tournament players looking for a faction that provides them the best chance at good results.


Subfaction Stats

The below stat show the results for those subfactions represented by 5 armies or more only.

FactionSubfactionWin RateArmies5-0 Wins0-5 Losses
SeraphonThunder Lizard67.3%1121
Maggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men65.5%1110
Legion of the First Prince65.0%800
Lumineth Realm-LordsZaitrec60.9%500
Idoneth DeepkinNautilar58.6%600
Cities of SigmarLiving City58.3%620
NighthauntScarlet Doom54.3%700
Daughters of KhaineZainthar Kai54.3%700
Soulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty53.3%600
Sons of BehematBreaker Tribe53.1%1000
Stormcast EternalsAstral Templars50.0%600
Stormcast EternalsHammers of Sigmar49.1%2301
KruleboyzBig Yellers43.4%801
Hedonites of SlaaneshLurid Haze42.0%500
NighthauntEmerald Host41.5%1302
Stormcast EternalsHallowed Knights35.6%901
Ossiarch BonereapersPetrifex Elite32.3%1001
Gloomspite Gitz24.0%501

The faction stats are pretty much replicated above with Lumineth Realm-Lords/Zaitrec joining the +60% club this week. Meanwhile despite Anthony Trentanelli’s heroics with Skaven recently (claiming two GT’s and going 4-1 this week) they still sit below 45% with a miserable 37.9% win rate. Will their new battletome and the Generals Handbook see a change in this though? A new tome can’t come soon enough for Gloomspite Gitz and Ossiarch Bonereapers….

Top Three AoS Lists from the Bugeater AoS GT


Bugeater AoS GT took place in Nebraska, USA on 4th and 5th June. It involved 19 players vying to be crowned champion in a 5 game tournament.

Before I jump into the Top Three, I wanted to remind everyone of our friendly Discord server where you can join in the conversation with the Woehammer crew and suggest articles or series for the website.

Also if there’s a one day or two day tournament you’d like us to cover drop us a comment on this post and we’ll have a look at it for you.

Army Faction: Maggotkin of Nurgle
Army Subfaction: Befouling Host
– Grand Strategy: Beast Master
– Triumphs: Inspired

Bloab Rotspawned (300)
Spells: Gifts of Disease
Rotigus (495)
Spells: Favoured Poxes
Horticulous Slimux (225)*
Sloppity Bilepiper (130)*
– Command Trait: Nurgling Infestation
– Artefact: The Witherstave

Beast of Nurgle (110)*
Beast of Nurgle (110)*
Beast of Nurgle (110)*
Beast of Nurgle (110)*

Plague Drones (200)**
Plague Drones (200)**

Feculent Gnarlmaw (0)
Feculent Gnarlmaw (0)

* Battle Regiment
** Hunters of the Heartlands

TOTAL POINTS: (1990/2000)

Peter: A bit different to your usual Nurgle lists, but no less deadly! This list relies on building up Contagion Points so that you can summon in units onto the battlefield – in this case, that’s likely to be even more Beasts of Nurgle! Mainly because Horticulous will allow you to set up a third Gnarlmaw, as well as give all those cute Beasts of Nurgle re-rolls on their charges and +1 to hit rolls on their attacks. Sloppity can then give them +1 on their wound rolls to boot!


Army Faction: Disciples of Tzeentch
Army Subfaction: Hosts Arcanum
– Grand Strategy: Prized Sorcery

Kairos Fateweaver (435)*
Spells: Bolt of Tzeentch
Changecaster (135)*
– Command Traits: Spell Hunters
– Staff of Change and Arcane Tome
– Spells: Tzeentch’s Firestorm
The Blue Scribes (135)*
Spells: Fold Reality
Be’lakor (360)**
Ogroid Thaumaturge (165)**
Artefacts: The Fanged Circlet
– Spells: Arcane Suggestion

Kairic Acolytes (115)*
Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield
Kairic Acolytes (115)*
Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield
Kairic Acolytes (115)**
Cursed Blade and Arcanite Shield
Horrors of Tzeentch (Pink) (250)**
Split and Split Again

Chronomantic Cogs (45)
Umbral Spellportal (70)
Tome of Eyes (55)

*Battle Regiment
**Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: (1995/2000)

Peter: Lots of magic to contend with here. Starting with Big Bird who can cast and unbind 3 spells as well as knowing any spells of friendly wizards within 18″, which includes the Changecasters Pink Fire of Tzeentch which can cause D6 mortals on a single enemy model within 18″, this combined with the Changecasters Tzeentch’s Firestorm (fishing D3 mortals on 6’s with 9 dice!) – means between them, they’re a good monster killer (a good anything-killer really). Then you’ve got the Umbral Spellportal to extend the range of all these mortal wound dealing spells by another 18″. Chronomantic Cogs will potentially add +3 spells across those casters. While they’re sniping away with those mortals you’ll find summoned units popping up everywhere.


Army Faction: Gloomspite Gitz
Grand Strategy: Hold the Line

Kragnos (720)
Dankhold Troggboss (240)*
– Command Traits: Alpha Trogg
– Artefacts: Arcane Tome
– Spells: Levitate

1 x Rockgut Troggoths (290)*
Rockgut Troggoths (145)*
1 x Fellwater Troggoths (310)*
Rockgut Troggoths (145)*

Marshcrawla Sloggoth (150)*

*Battle Regiment

TOTAL POINTS: (2000/2000)

Peter: Troggs, your time is coming (if the cover of the GHB 2022 is anything to go by). This list is fairly simple but effective. Kragnos will do much of the heavy lifting but the Troggs are no slouches when it comes to combat especially when combined with the Marshcrawla Sloggoth who gives them +1 to their hits, Kragnos who’ll give them a charge buff and the Dankhold who’ll allow them to re-roll 1’s to hit.


Army Faction: Blades of Khorne
Army Subfaction: Reapers of Vengeance
– Grand Strategy: Beastmaster
– Triumph: Inspired

Slaves to Darkness Daemon Prince (210)**
Skarbrand (380)
Slaughterpriest (110)*
Prayer: Blood Sacrifice
Bloodsecrator (125)*
– Command Trait: The Mage Eater
– Artefact: Skullshard Mantle
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage (280)*
Bloodthirster of Unfettered Fury (295)*
Artefact: The Crimson Crown

1 x Razorgors (55)*
1 x Mindstealer Sphiranx (95)***
1 x Mindstealer Sphiranx (95)***
1 x Mindstealer Sphiranx (95)***
10 x Bloodreavers (80)**
10 x Bloodreavers (80)**
10 x Bloodreavers (80)**

***Hunters of the Heartlands


TOTAL POINTS: (1980/2000)

Peter: You’ll find the Bloodthirsters, Skarbrand and Daemon Prince running around trying to blend stuff while the rest of the army will essentially play back up and claim objectives. The Mindstealers are an interesting inclusion as they’ll subtract 2 from enemy bravery meaning the opponent should really suffer in the battleshock phase.

Final Tournament Placings

Warscroll Review – Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast


Before I begin, I wanted to clarify that when I discuss anything that involves a dice roll then I will refer to the average dice roll. For example, an average run roll being 3-4″ (average of 3.5 on one die).

This does mean that depending on how lucky your dice rolls are you can achieve more or less than the amount specified. But to keep it simple and for comparison purposes we will always refer to the average.

Basic Info

Grand AllianceDestruction
BattletomeOrruk Warclans
Cost315 Points

Army Role

This cha appears in almost every tournament army, sometimes twice! With a high damage output that rivals the Breaka-Boss and buffs which compliment the Kruleboyz Venom-encrusted Weapons it’s hard to ignore. Yes, he’s expensive but the ability to give nearby units the ability to add 1 to the damage of their Venom-encrusted Weapons is huge. For example a unit of 10 Gutrippaz on average causes 3.5 mortal wounds, put them near a Sludgeraker and this increases to 7! That’s just a unit of 10…

He’s fairly squishy, so you’ll want to protect him with screens and the like. A common practice is to give him the artefact Mork’s Eye Pebble, which gives him and all units within 12″ a 5+ ward save in a single phase. That’s great for making a combat swing in your favour. He’s often made a General too as he’s the easiest to protect, plus when he does make it into combat he can hit hard.

He’s good against Alpha strike armies as you can give him the Smelly ‘Un mount trait, meaning your opponent will be -1 to hit him in combat when they charge.

Another reason to make him your General is that he will be surrounded by your troops so they benefit from the afore mentioned Sludgeraker poison, additionally because they’ll all be close by you can call the Kruleboyz Waagh meaning your General and two units close by can fight one after the other without the enemy interrupting you.

Personally, I think he’s the first choice for the General before any of the other Kruleboyz options. Yes he’s expensive, but the benefits outweigh this cost.


Kruleboyz Allegiance Abilities SkulbugzWhen an enemy unit is picked to fight, roll a dice if it is within 3″ of any friendly SKULBUGZ units. Add 2 to the roll if that enemy unit is within 3″ of any friendly SKULBUGZ MONSTERS. On a roll of 6+, subtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made by that enemy unit in that phase.
Kruleboyz Allegiance Abilities Grinin’ BladesDuring the first battle round, friendly GRINNIN’ BLADES units are not visible to enemy models that are more than 12″ away from them.
Kruleboyz Command Trait Egomaniak If this general is within 3″ of another friendly unit, roll a dice before you allocate a wound or mortal wound to this general or instead of making a ward roll for this general. On a 4+, pick 1 other friendly unit within 3″ of this general. That wound is allocated to that unit instead and cannot be negated.
Kruleboyz Command TraitSupa SneakyIf this general is on the battlefield at the start of the first battle round, before determining who has the first turn, you can pick 1 friendly KRULEBOYZ unit and set it up again anywhere on the battlefield that is more than 9″ from all enemy units.
Kruleboyz Command TraitSlippery SkumbagThis general can retreat and charge in the same turn.
Mount TraitTough ’UnMONSTER only. Unless this model has a number of wounds allocated to it that exceeds half its Wounds characteristic, use the top row on its damage table, regardless of how many wounds it has suffered.
Mount Trait Fast ’UnOnce per battle, in your hero phase, this model can make a normal move.
Mount TraitMean ‘UnMONSTER only. When you carry out the Stomp monstrous rampage with this model, the enemy unit you pick suffers D6 mortal wounds on a 2+ instead of D3.
Mount TraitLoud ‘UnMONSTER only. When you carry out the Roar monstrous rampage with this model, pick all enemy units within 3″ of this model instead of 1.
Mount TraitWeird ‘UnThis model has a ward of 4+ against mortal wounds caused by spells and the abilities of endless spells.
Mount Trait Smelly ‘UnSubtract 1 from hit rolls for attacks made with melee weapons that target this model if it has not made a charge move in the same turn.
Kruleboyz Battle TraitsVenom-encrusted WeaponsIf the unmodified hit roll for an attack made by a KRULEBOYZ ORRUK model is 6, that attack causes a number of mortal wounds to the target equal to the weapon’s Damage characteristic and the attack sequence ends (do not make a wound roll or save roll). This ability has no effect on attacks made by a mount unless noted otherwise.
Kruleboyz Battle TraitsKruleboyz Waaagh!Once per battle, in the combat phase, when you pick a friendly KRULEBOYZ general to fight, you can say that they are calling a Kruleboyz Waaagh!. If you do so, pick up to 2 other friendly KRULEBOYZ units wholly within 18” of that general and that have not yet fought in that combat phase. That general and the units you picked can fight one after the other in the order of your choice.
Kruleboyz Battle TraitsDirty TricksAfter the players have received their starting command points but before the start of the first turn, you can pick 1 of the following Dirty Tricks to employ during the battle: Noisy Racket: On the eve of battle, you make sure the enemy receives no respite as your war drums and rattle-skulls ring out into the night. Subtract 1 from wound rolls for attacks made by enemy units in the first battle round. Lethal Surprise: Your scouts have laid cunningly disguised pitfall traps out in no man’s land. Roll 3 dice. For each 4+, you can pick 1 different terrain feature or different objective that is not wholly within enemy territory and secretly note it down. The first time any enemy unit finishes a move within 1″ of that terrain feature or objective, roll a dice. On a 2+, that unit suffers D6 mortal wounds. Disappearin’ Act: You have sent out your grots to lure a band of enemy warriors into the swamp mists until they become utterly lost. Roll 3 dice. For each 4+, you can pick 1 different enemy unit on the battlefield that has not been reinforced. Then, roll a dice for each unit you picked. If the roll is greater than that unit’s Wounds characteristic, your opponent must remove that unit from the battlefield and set it up as a reserve unit. At the end of your opponent’s first movement phase, they must set up that unit on the battlefield wholly within their territory and more than 9″ away from all enemy units. This Dirty Trick cannot be picked if the battleplan has the ‘No Reserves’ rule (for example Tooth and Nail). Covered in Mud: After some ‘hard finkin’, you command a group of warriors to slather themselves in muck and sneak up on the unwitting enemy. Roll 3 dice. For each 4+, pick 1 friendly unit that is not a HERO or MONSTER. While that unit is in cover, it is not visible to enemy units.
KillabossAll Part of Da PlanIf a friendly KRULEBOYZ unit fails a battleshock test within 3″ of any friendly units with this ability, only 1 model from that unit will flee.
Murknob with Belcha-bannaPower of KragnosWhen a friendly KRULEBOYZ ORRUK unit wholly within 12″ of this unit is affected by a spell or the abilities of an endless spell, you can roll a dice. On a 5+, ignore the effect of that spell or the effects of that endless spell’s abilities on that unit.
Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grotPoisons and ElixirsAt the start of your hero phase, if this unit is more than 3″ from all enemy units, instead of attempting to dispel an endless spell or cast any spells with this unit in that phase, you can say that it is brewing either a poison or an elixir. If you do so, pick 1 friendly KRULEBOYZ ORRUK unit wholly within 12″ of this unit, more than 3″ from all enemy units and that has at least 1 model within 3″ of this unit to be given that poison or elixir. A unit that has been given a poison or elixir cannot be given another poison or elixir in the same hero phase. If that unit is given a poison, until your next hero phase, when you use the Venom-encrusted Weapons battle trait for that unit, mortal wounds are caused on an unmodified hit roll of 5+ instead of 6. If that unit is given an elixir, add 1 to save rolls for attacks that target that unit until your next hero phase.
Swampcalla Shaman and Pot-grot / Gobsprakk, the Mouth of MorkSummon Boggy MistSummon Boggy Mist is a spell that has a casting value of 7. If successfully cast, until your next hero phase, add 1 to charge rolls for friendly KRULEBOYZ ORRUK units on the battlefield and subtract 1 from charge rolls for other units on the battlefield.
Gobsprakk, the Mouth of MorkMouth of MorkIf this unit issues the Redeploy command to a KRULEBOYZ unit, you can re-roll the dice that determines the distance the unit that receives the command can move. If this unit issues the Unleash Hell command to a KRULEBOYZ unit, you do not have to subtract 1 from the hit rolls for the attacks made by the unit that receives the command.
Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast Swampboss Skumdrekk Sludgeraker VenomAdd 1 to the number of mortal wounds caused by the Venom-encrusted Weapons battle trait if the unmodified hit roll was 6 and the attacking unit is wholly within 12″ of any friendly units with this ability.
Kragnos, the End of EmpiresThe End of EmpiresIf a friendly DESTRUCTION unit is wholly within 12″ of this unit, you can attempt a charge with that unit if it is within 18″ of an enemy unit instead of 12″. In addition, when making a charge roll for a friendly DESTRUCTION unit wholly within 12″ of this unit, roll 3D6 instead of 2D6.
Rogue IdolLivin’ IdolAdd 1 to casting rolls for friendly ORRUK WIZARDS while they are within 6″ of any friendly models with this ability. In addition, add 1 to the Bravery characteristic of friendly ORRUK units while they are wholly within 18″ of any friendly models with this ability.
Kruleboyz WizardSneaky MiasmaSneaky Miasma is a spell that has a casting value of 6 and a range of 18″. If successfully cast, pick 1 friendly KRULEBOYZ MONSTER within range and visible to the caster. That MONSTER can make a normal move.

Missile Attacks

This unit has no missile attacks.

Melee Attacks

This model has weapon profiles for the boss and for his mount, and while only Kruleboyz Orruks benefit from the Venom-encrusted Weapons, the Warscroll specifies that this also applies to the Sludgerakers Noisome Bite and Grasping Talons as well.

AttackAv Threat RangeAv # of AttacksAv # of HitsAv # of WoundsDamage Output (Pre-save)
Chain-linked Grappling Hook15″
Grasping Talons15″51.7 +2mw1.1 +2mw2.2 +2mw
Noisome Bite15″
Thrashing Tail15″
Based on average dice rolls

Looking at the damage after saves:

SaveChain-linked Grappling Hook Grasping TalonsNoisome BiteThrashing Tail
3.92.2 +2mw2.52.2
6+3.92.2 +2mw2.52.2
5+3.21.8 +2mw2.12.2
4+2.61.5 +2mw1.71.8
3+2.01.1 +2mw1.31.5
Amount of damage after saves based on average dice rolls

The chance of this units charge connecting:

Chance of making a charge (including movement)


With 14 wounds and a 4+ save this model is surprisingly tough. It’ll need at least 28 damage from zero rend weapons allocated to it BEFORE any saves on order to have a chance of destroying this in a single turn.

Final Results

Missile Damage Output
Melee Damage Output10.8 +2mw (20″ Threat)
Total Wounds14 (22.5pts per wound)
Resilience28 Hits (Pre-Save)
Cost315 Points (315pts per Model)
Snatchaboss on Sludgeraker Beast

AoS Death Stats – May


Following on from yesterday’s article about the Chaos Stats, today we have Death.

Faction Stats – Match Win Rates

Poor month for Death sees the highest win rate for any faction at 50.26% for SBGL, followed closely by Nighthaunt on 50.00%. This isn’t a bad thing though as it suggests these two factions are possibly fairly balanced (or have good pilots).

Subfaction Win Rates

These are the subfactions ranked by their win rates. Only armies that have been represented five times or more have been included.

FactionSubfactionWin Rate# of Players
Flesh-eater CourtsBlisterskin56.67%6
Soulblight GravelordsVyrkos Dynasty52.67%15
Soulblight GravelordsKastelai Dynasty50.60%17
NighthauntThe Emerald Host50.00%8
NighthauntReikenor’s Comdemned50.00%6
Ossiarch BonereapersPetrifex Elite48.44%7
Ossiarch BonereapersMortis Praetorians38.00%5

Subfactions Not Represented

The below list shows factions who were completely overlooked in the month of May and not represented at any GT.

Ossiarch BonereapersStalliarch Lords
Ossiarch BonereapersIvory Host
Ossiarch BonereapersNull Myriad
Flesh-eater CourtsHollowmourne
Flesh-eater CourtsGristlegore
Soulblight GravelordsAvengorii Dynasty

AoS Chaos Stats – May


Following on from yesterday’s article about the Grand Alliance stats for May, I bring you the first of the Alliance ‘dives’. Where better to start than the main baddies themselves, Chaos?

Faction Stats – Match Win Rates

I bet you all thought Maggotkin and Legion would be leading this table didn’t you? Well you’re half right. But the recent results which saw Trentanelli take two GT’s using Skaven (an under used faction) has seen them climb to 2nd here. With win rates of 63.83% and 62.00% they are two of three factions that have rates that exceed the ‘balanced range’.

Many players state that for the game to be balanced, then all factions are required to have a win rate of between 45-55%. Legion and Skaven both vastly exceed that range this month. While Nurgle only just creep over at 55.29%. be aware though, that this is the faction as a whole, there are subfactions within Nurgle and others that both exceed this range and fall below this range.

Subfaction Win Rates

These are the subfactions ranked by their win rates. Only armies that have been represented five times or more have been included.

FactionSubfactionWin Rate# of Players
Maggotkin of NurgleDrowned Men64.29%21
Legion of the First Prince 63.83%19
Blades of KhorneReapers of Vengeance54.35%5
Maggotkin of NurgleBefouling Host53.18%22
Beasts of ChaosGavespawn50.00%14
Maggotkin of NurgleBlessed Sons46.00%5
Maggotkin of NurgleDroning Guard38.33%6

Subfactions Not Represented

The below list shows factions who were completely overlooked in the month of May and not represented at any GT.

Slaves to DarknessRavagers
Slaves to DarknessCabalists
Slaves to DarknessIdolators
Blades of KhorneGoretide
Blades of KhorneSkullfiend Tribe
Maggotkin of NurgleFilthbringers
Hedonites of SlaaneshInvaders
Hedonites of SlaaneshScarlet Cavalcade
Disciples of TzeentchHosts Duplicitous
Disciples of TzeentchCult of the Transient Form
Disciples of TzeentchPyrofane Cult

AoS Grand Alliance Stats – May


We have previously produced stats back in January and February, but have not done these for a little while. This was mainly because of the amount of work needed to keep up with all the one and two day events. On top of this, I wasn’t overly happy with the presentation standard.

I’ve since regrouped and worked on a way of producing these that is less time heavy and in a way that’s appealing. Going forwards (and possibly backwards over missed months), I will only produce stats that we have written a Top Three Lists article on. This saves me trawling through Best Coast Pairing and for every event with more than 10 players! As we’re hoping to cover all GT’s going forward we should still have a reasonable snap shot of the meta for that month

That all being said, I’m starting this month’s stats with the win rate for the various Grand Alliance’s. This is the combined win rate of all that Alliance’s battletomes:

There are a few other stats included above as well. For example the number of armies from each GA and what that represents as a percentage of the total field for the month. We also have included how many battletomes each Alliance has, how many 5/0/0 results they’ve claimed, how many results with 4 wins or more and how many results where an army fought an entire GT without a win.

Player Distribution among Alliances

Firstly, with representation we have 25 Battletomes (Inc Bel’akor) across 4 Grand Alliance’s. So in theory, for an even mix of armies each Battletome should have a representative figure of 4.16% or 22 armies per Battletome (550 Armies / 24 Battletomes).

Grand AllianceBattletomesArmies per Battletome
Order 926
Chaos7 +Bel’akor17

In an ideal world the Battletomes would have a fair split of the armies. However, here we can see that Order and Destruction have more players than you would expect while both Death and Chaos have less.

5 Wins

There have been a total of 18 results where players have gone to claim 5 wins over a tournament. In theory each army should have an equal chance of achieving this. Meaning based on the actual number of armies each faction was represented by you would expect:

Grand AllianceSplit of 5-0’s based on # of ArmiesActual # of 5-0 Wins

This shows it’s probably easiest to get that elusive 5-0 with a Chaos faction than it is any other. While, trying to achieve this with Death or Destruction is difficult.

4+ Wins

Likewise there were a total of 93 results where players claimed 4 wins or more over the weekend. Using the same math based on how many armies represented each Alliance:

Grand AllianceSplit of 4+ Wins based on army distributionActual 4+ Wins

Surprisingly this shows that each Grand Alliance is roughly meeting it’s quota on 4+ wins based on the number of armies they had present. This initially suggests that each faction has an equal chance of getting 4+ wins.

But we’d need to look at the factions individually to check whether this is the case…

…which funnily enough, we’ll be doing tomorrow!