My First Legions Imperialis Look


I was lucky enough to be able to look at the Imperialis sprues this week, and even put together a couple of the Sicaran tanks!

As you can see, these boys are tiny! But the sprues and build are immaculate. There were no visible mould lines, and the details to the minis are incredible!

The two Sicaran tanks I put together were built from 15 pieces, but they all went together with no problem at all.

My favourite aspect of the build was that each Sicaran tank came with a spare turret so that you could build both weapon options for both tanks. Well done GW! With a 2mm magnet to keep them in place, they’d be even better.

I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands on the boxed set of these and going to town with them!

For those worried about painting such a small scale, I’ll have a guide out shortly after the release, which will go into how easy painting smaller scale miniatures are compared to their larger cousins!

On top of the tanks you get tonnes of troops in the box! The troops have been designed to fit on the sprue so that you can paint them before you remove them. Almost all the troops come as a single piece model and the connection to the sprue is usually at the bottom of their base.

I’ve pre-ordered my copy of the boxed set and can’t wait to get cracking with a legion of Imperial Fists.

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