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Joshua Bennett, Daughters of Khaine supremo, has joined our team and set about interviewing the top players from around the world! Having been to many of the top tournaments in the USA, Joshua has amassed a tonne of connections in that time.

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Gavin – The Stats

Events in 22-23 Pitched Battles (Season 1 and 2): 10
Game Wins: 43.5 (Draws counting as 0.5 wins and 0.5 losses)
Game Losses: 6.5
Win Rate: 87.0%
Woehammer Ranking Points: 928.4
North America Woehammer Ranking: 2nd
Worldwide Woehammer Ranking: 2nd

Events (Sorted by Woehammer Ranking Points):

EventFactionWinsLossesRanking Points
Las Vegas Open 2023CoS50264.6
Nova OpenSer50228.8
US Open Kansas CityDoK50223.8
Old Town Throwdown Summer SmashSer50211.2
The Slambo GT Ser50193.6
Harambe’s Heroes and Goldmine Games Rumble in the JungleDoK50186.5
Everwinter GTDoK41181.4
US Open ChicagoSer41169.0
Sooper Seekret Kastell ChonGG2.52.5147.1
The Lone Star Grand TournamentS2D32146.2

General Speaking

Joshua Bennett (JB): Hey buddy, first, I wanna say thank you so much for taking time out of your day and chatting with us.  I guess we should start off with asking how long have you been wargaming?

Gavin Grigar (GG): Thanks for having me! I started wargaming around 2003 as a kid with 40k and then lost interest when I got to high school, which is probably similar to a lot of folks. Picked it up again in 2017 after I realized it was ok to be a nerd and then started playing Age of Sigmar in 2019 because it was what my friends were playing. Haven’t looked back since.

JB: You were last seasons number 1 ITC player with a few number 1s in multiple factions, you’re also representingteam USA in the AOS worlds event.  Has it always been competitive play for you?

GG: Yea, I think I’ve always had a thing. Basketball, football (Peter: You mean Gridiron? That sport wherey, and Halo 3 growing up, then League of Legends for a while and now wargaming. This is probably the most invested I’ve been in a thing, though. The camaraderie of the community makes it easy to keep coming back.

JB: You boys in Texas have a pretty big community, and when we met, you and others from that community were very welcoming.  Do you think that’s what makes you enjoy AOS more than the other hobbies you have done

GG: Thanks dude, you Georgia fellas are alright too, I guess. Yea, no matter what the game state is, the community consistently makes it a blast to travel and hang out.

JB: What do you think is an important step in becoming a competitive player? What advice would you give somebody wanting to play at that next level

GG: The most consistent thing I’ve noticed in other players that consistently do well is an obsession with the game. There are so many moving parts in AoS, and those parts are constantly changing, so it takes an obsessive person to learn and relearn the game as it evolves. Surrounding yourself with other great players and consistent practice also helps a ton.

JB: I know you’re getting ready for worlds, I would assume you’re getting to practice against some of the best.  How much does that shift your focus while still playing in events?

GG: Practice for worlds has priority, and as it gets closer, I’ve scaled back my travel to focus on it. When I do get out to events lately, it’s been experimental things, and I’ve tried to start enjoying the hangout more(Tried being the keyword). After Worlds, I’ll probably readjust goals.

JB: Speaking of goals, did you plan on dominating the best in faction class, or was it more playing what was fun

GG: One of the things I wanted to do better at this year was focusing on a few factions, as  in 2021, I felt like I had played too many (11 or 12, I believe). Daughters of Khaine have always been my favorite faction, and Seraphon has mechanics that I really enjoy the playstyle of (Yes, they are also strong). I missed out on best Gitz, though…

JB: Can we expect a repeat this season?

GG: In approach to army choice, I think so, yea, I have less time to allocate to the AoS this year and will be more selective of when I travel. As far as ITC, there are a ton of really talented people gunning for placements. I look forward to seeing everybody at upcoming GTs and competing, though!

JB: Gavin, thank you so much for your time. I just have one last question for you.  What advice could you give to our readers that are just starting out in the hoppy

GG: If you’re already thinking about tournaments, my advice is just go and see what it’s like. The community is fantastic and very welcoming. Once you go, you can really decide what it is that you want from Aos, and there is plenty more available than just the competitive aspect. If competitive is your thing, find other like-minded people and enjoy the ride. Thanks for having me!

JB: It was our pleasure, and I look forward to seeing how the season shapes out for you.  Good luck at Worlds, and I’ll see you on the tables!

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