Las Vegas Open – Player Odds


There has been a total of 319 players registered to take part in the Las Vegas Open. From those 319 players, 235 have already taken part in at least one GT at some point under this General’s Handbook. But who do you think will win?

We’re going to try and help you answer that question by giving you some key stats on the top players and then what we believe their odds are of walking away with the crown.

The Favourites

These eight players are my choices to reach the knockout stage of the tournament. All of the following players have competed in at least four events under the Season Handbook.

Best of the Rest

Owen Jackson78.75%+10521/202.05
Dan Arnold 78.00%+11011/102.10
Joe Krier78.00%+11011/102.10
Michael Vagenos78.00%+11011/102.10
Barton Kennelly76.00%+1255/42.25
Jiwan Noah Singh75.68%+137.511/82.38
Christopher Schelling75.00%+1407/52.40
Ridge Hanna74.29%+1506/42.50
Carl Ong73.86%+1608/52.60
Thomas Guan73.61%+1608/52.60
Daytond Obre 72.50%+1757/42.75
Aaron Newbom72.00%+1809/52.80
Oliver Dempsey71.43%+187.515/82.88
Joshua Bennett70.83%+2002/13.00
Alexander Gonzalez70.00%+22011/53.20
John Lindsey70.00%+22011/53.20
Roberto Campos-McDonald70.00%+22011/53.20
Robbie Steinbring68.00%+24012/53.20
Gregory Brewer66.67%+2505/23.50
Jordan Duncan 66.67%+2505/23.50

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