Top Three AoS Lists for World tSports Champions


This is the Top Three AoS Lists for World tSports Champions that took place in Nottingham, USA on 2nd and 3rd July. It involved 16 players from the world over, vying to be crowned champion in a 5 game tournament.

This tournament was organised by the fantastic guys at Honest Wargamer.

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The Top Three AoS Lists

Declan: Ronya qualified for the World Tsports Event by using Nighthaunt – exclusively – getting incredible results with what was considered to be a weaker army. So during Worlds she took the same army… but with a new book!

I watched the final of Ronya against Mike and she played very well, with the Nighthaunt now being great in the hands of an expert. I have played against the new book once, and it is very good. If you don’t kill whole units, they quickly come back, can retreat and charge and give debuffs on the charge – including -1 to hit, -1 save, and strike last. If you are charged by multiple units these really stack up quickly.

Nighthaunt still have their ward save as well, so if these spike you can fail to kill them… over attack and charge with everything!

Congratulations to Ronya, it was great watching her play with an army she’s used all year. I wonder if she’ll stick with them into GHB22 or take the opportunity to try something new.


Declan: Mike finished the season as the top ranked player with all 6 of his qualifying results coming as Seraphon with 4 5-0s! But for Worlds he’s pivoted effortless to IdK and did exceptionally well to qualify despite losing his first game in the group. Qualifying on tie-break for the top 4 bracket, he then beat Beasts before being beaten by Ronya’s Nighthaunt.

Mike has gone for a Battle Regiment to get 1 drop and chose who goes first or second, allowing him to set-up for a double turn or get an alpha-strike in. His army has a bit of everything including some shooting, striking first in the third turn, and an Akhelian King who is 40 points cheaper than a Loonboss on Mangler Squig — wow… what value!

IdK are not easy to play with as they are glass cannons, but they are very strong cannons – be careful of charging in turn 3! Well done to Mike as well, top ranked player in GHB21 and 2nd at Worlds. What a year for him.


Declan: Ah Beasts of Chaos – a perfect example of what can happen to a low ranked army if it gets a good white dwarf article / update. And Beasts did! Massive rend, good summoning, and lots and lots of Dragon Ogres! I watched Ole’s game against the Thunder Lizards on the Saturday and it was great to see how he dealt with the Seraphon – swamping the objectives and summoning Chimeras to finish people off.

Ole is a player who switches armies around, and it is no surprise to see him doing well with a different army!


Declan: 4-1 at the Worlds. Well done to Phil with Slaves to Darkness. Sure it is Archaon in a Host of the Everchosen list. Varanguard are great support units for Archaon, but it is the big guy who does the heavy lifting here. Able to auto-kill other models into his sword, fight twice, and with immense movement. I have managed to kill him before, but my normal approach is to ignore him — not an easy method.

It’s great to see variety at the Worlds and one of the main characters of Age of Sigmar making an appearance.

Final Tournament Placings

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