Big Waaagh! – A Review of GHB21


I have had a hell of a year under GHB21 and whilst I’m sad to see it go it’ll be great to see what a new season has in store. At some point I should probably read GHB22!

As part of the seasons Ziggy and the TSportsStatsCentre ran a ‘Best in Faction’ competition within the stats. And it was close at the top… of Big Waaagh!

TSportsNetwork / TSportsStatCentre

And I just sneaked it ahead of Mike & Alex. It was a close competition between us with Quest of Champions almost ruining my chances (1-4), but the 2 games at the Champions (UK) event got me a few more points than Mike! It’s been great fun sharing the competition for top of a faction and I’m glad we all got to meet and chat near the end of the season.

I’m sure they’ll both be back for revenge in GHB22, and hope that others have been inspired to try some Big Waaagh themselves. There’s only so many times we can stare our enemies to death with a Wurgogg, smash them with Maw Krushas or kill Wizards with Gobsprakk. But it’s the variety that makes this allegiance such fun to play!

And in the tradition of US TV Clip Shows the world over here are some of my Big Waaagh articles from the last year:

3 Big Waaagh lists – Quest of Champions
See lists from Mike, Alex & me in one article!

Preparing for Champions (UK)
How I brought the only Destruction army to the top 16 (UK) event!

Dazmaul Tournament
My first 5-0 result! As well as reading about it here, you can find my last game on Hobby Room! and see what other armies were there with our Top Three.

My first 3-0 result! A great little event put on by Rhys.

The Nameless King
Another 1 dayer (Derby) ran by Speccles in the great Boards & Swords venue.

But that’s enough clip show nonsense for now. Hope you’ve enjoyed following me on my journey and hopefully the GHB22 will be as much fun as the GHB21 one! Now where is that book?!

— Declan

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