Hobby Update – January 2022

Having hit a slump at the beginning of January in my Hobby world brought about by being sociable and what-not I needed something to get me re-started… I covered this dilemma here.

Fortunately, it worked, and not only that but I’ve managed to tick off a box on the White Dwarf Hobby Bingo!

Small pic, but mighty requirement!

So what have I done? I was fortunate enough to be given a Killzone box set… this one for Sector Mechanicus – for Christmas / Birthday last year.

Unfortunately, it’s not available from Games Workshop any more, but if you’re in desperate need of it, they are available from Element Games. If you do pick it up, it would be great if you would consider using my crystals referral code DEC098.

I may pick up another this weekend whilst I am there!

My colour schemes are simple, but I do like a bit of colour so I add Khorne Red and Caledor Sky to them to make them pop a little.

The full set, on the very nice board you also get.
A container… or something!
And another!

It was great fun, completed within a week and has got me back at the Hobby painting table. Plus, I have got 10 points on the Bingo (at expert level)… what more could you need.

— Declan

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