The 7 Days of Nurgle – Day 5 – Allegiance Abilities


With the release of the Maggotkin of Nurgle book, I’m going to be scouring the internet for information on the book and presenting it to you over the next 7 days, so that you don’t have to (but we all know you will!).

I’ve already covered:

It’s the fith day today I’m bringing you news on the Allegiance Abilities from the book.

Again shout out to those with preview access to the book for sharing it. Today’s is mostly from the gang at Sprues and Brews. Do go and give them a read!

The Maggotkin book has 6 Plague Legions/ Contagium included. That’s not a bad number considering that each of Orruk Warclans had 3 (so 9 in that book). But, are they any good, and what will see play in Matched Play tournaments?

Munificent Wanderers

If an enemy unit is within 3″ of a Plaguebearer Host unit that has 10 or more models at the end of the movement or combat phase it receives 2 disease points instead of 1.

With disease being added in combat it’s difficult to see how the Plaguebearers wouldn’t cap on the 7 disease points anyway, but it may convince opponents to retreat in their movement phase to avoid the ‘chip’ damage of the disease points.

Befouling Host

If this army is led by a Deamon General it can include 2 Feculent Gnarlmaws instead of 1

The summoning Host! If you want to try out the summoning, I would imagine this will be your go-to choice!

Droning Guard

Subtract 1 from hit rolls that target Plague Drones units in the first battle round, or when they are set-up on the battlefield.

Plague Drones are how the Maggotkin can retain a fast(ish) army, and -1 to hit is very good. I love it on my MawKrusha and being able to appear, charge and be at -1 to the retaliation hits is very good. Especially against that Gate-Breaker Gargant.

Blessed Sons

If a mortal model is slain within 1″ of an enemy unit then when the model dies roll a number dice equal to the wounds characteristc of the model. Each roll of 6 inflicts a mortal wound.

A shame it is only 1″, but this is consistent with similar abilities. Just be careful about units in a line being hit on the side. That said, if you want a mortal army the extra damage – with disease – may be enough to kill a unit that would have survived.

Drowned Men

After deployment move Lord of Afflications and Pusgoyle Blightlords units up to 8″

Having recently played against Bonesplitterz with their similar abilities — this is great. Speed is so useful in Age of Sigmar, especially if you want to pin your opponent in their own deployment zone, or reduce the likelihood of a alpha-strike from Ironjawz or similar.


You can include a Rot Coven in your army. (360 points for 3 Sorcerers as a single leader option). One wizard from the cover gets +1 to cast, unbind and dispel. If near others from the coven (3″), gain an additional +1 (up to +3)

This definitely makes the magic build viable, although only one wizard getting the bonus is a little weak considering what other armies can get (Hurricanum anyone). However if you like the Nurgle magic, this should help it go off… and you’ll have lots of spells available.


If I were to run Nurgle, it would likely be with hordes of Plaguebearers, so Munificent Wanderers would probably be my choice – despite my critiscm of it above. I think Matched Play will see the Droning Guard and Drowned Men taken regularly though. Movement is still king in Age of Sigmar.

Join us tomorrow for Day 6 of Nurgle!

— Declan