Path to Glory – Troggoths


So Peter asked a group of us to join him for a Path to Glory campaign which has been improved in AOS3 to be more like the Crusade system which is now in use by 40k.

Despite being a Gloomspite fan, I am struggling with using them in tournaments at the moment having gone 0-3 at a local tournament with Squigs – and being lucky to have got zero! There’s a few too many Gods (and Gotrek’s) in the tournament scene for me to enjoy the Gloomspite.

So, Path to Glory provided a perfect opportunity – and a bonus excuse to finish off my Troggoth army which Trogg (Stuart Hodges) has been bugging me to do for a while. I have a Dankhold Troggboss, 9 Fellwaters and 6 Rockguts already painted so a Warband size (1,000 points) would be a perfect starting point.

Going through the Core Book for Age of Sigmar 3 (pp 304), I found what I needed to do and that a Warband size allowed me one Starting Territory. As Troggoths have very expensive heroes, I decided to take ‘Small Settlement’ which would allow me to Reinforce an additional unit. I wouldn’t use it immediately but 6 or 9 Troggoths in small point games could be quite powerful.

My other choice was what to include in the armies within certain limitations (3 Heroes, 1 Wizard etc…). Fortunately the models I have made the decisions relatively easy. I couldn’t afford to have all my Troggoths so I went with 6 of each, led by a Dankhold Troggboss. To allow some playing with the magic phase (or Hand of Gork), I added a Fungoid Cave-Shaman.

With that decided my force looks like this:

Dankhold Troggboss – 250 points
Fungoid Cave Shaman – 95 points (Dankhold for scale!!)
6 Rockgut Troggoths – 290 points
2 x 3 Fellwater Troggoths (155 points per unit)

Turning to page 308 of the Core Book I found I needed a Warlord – that was easy, it had to be the Dankhold Troggboss.

1st Page of Dankhold Troggboss Warscroll from Games Workshop website

He would be my general in any games I play with him in the force. I also at this point took the opportunity to try out the Sub-Allegiance – Glogg’s Meganob from the Kragnos book which provides a little boost to healing the Troggoths. This gave me the default command ability and artefact of power from this allegiance.

Finally, I was allowed an Endless Spell and because I had a Fungoid I could even cast it. I wanted something unsubtle and Troggoth like, but with only 55 points left, Iwas limited in my choices. Looking through the options I couldn’t take any Gloomspite specific Endless spells, but Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws were pointed at exactly 55 points. Clearly Mork had a plan so I roll with this and add them in. Is this Endless spell good – no – will it be fun – hopefully.

Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws

With that all done, I was ready to get a game organised… but I’m primarily a tournament player so that would have to wait a while, as I’m off to Mancunian Carnage this weekend with my Sons of Behemat.

Dankhold Troggboss250
Fungoid Cave-Shaman95
6 Rockgutt Troggoths290
3 Fellwater Troggoths155
3 Fellwater Troggoths155
Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws55
Trogghold Starting Warband



Path to Glory – Gollokz Swampcrawlaz


So I decided I would bite the bullet and dive into Age of Sigmar fully, having previously prodded around at the edges of the game since its release back in 2012.

Having been an Order player through and through in fantasy, the Dwarves and Humans have always appealed to me, but with the recent release of AoS 3 and the Kruleboyz I found my eye wandering to pastures new.

The new look Orruks with their Lord of the Rings-esque vibe appealed to me along with the awesome new Orruk leader included in the Dominion box set.

The Kruleboyz included in the new Dominion Age of Sigmar boxed set

I swiftly managed to pick up two halves of the Kruleboyz from the Dominion boxed set from various members of our local gaming community and have been poring over the moulds ever since.

Then at at a suggestion from Dave a Path to Glory campaign idea started to form for the guys at Woehammer, I jumped on the bandwagon along with the rest of the guys.

Admittedly I may not be able to play as regularly as the others, but its an opportunity to paint and hopefully get some games in anyway,

I had looked at various points sizes and decided that 1,000 points would be the best place to start for my force. I found that at 600 points I would be able to include very little in the way of units and the games wouldn’t feel as cinematic to me.

So where to start? Well every army needs a leader and who better to lead the army than Gollok Spleenchewa (Krusha of sumfin’ or ‘uvva). Gollok is a Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof, which means I get to paint up the centre piece of the Orruks from the Dominion box.

Killaboss on Great Gnashtoof

Next I needed some troops, and choices are thin on the ground here with either the Gutrippas, Hobrots or Man-Skewer Bolt Boyz. In the end, I decided that I would run two units of 10 Gutrippas, and perhaps in the future reinforce one or both of these units with additional Orruks. These units I named “Raggrogg ‘an iz Stikkaz” and “Gorlogz Sneaky Boyz”.

But I wanted some shooting to back these lads up in combat and provide my army with some long range threat. So I stuck in a unit of Man-Skewer Bolt Boyz . I named these the “Gnashwater Man-Skewerz” after the settlement the army hails from.

What to include next? I decided that the Swampcalla Shaman with Pot Grot (this point onwards known as “Zolhag Grotthrottler”) would be a great shout, as he can give a unit of Orruks poisoned weapons on 5+ instead of 6+ as well as also being able to cast Boggy Mist giving nearby Orruks +1 on their charge and run rolls and enemy units -1.

Swampcalla Shaman

This brought me to a grand total of 805 points. To finish of the force I opted to take two units of 10 Hobgrot Slittas which cost 190 points. These units will be used as chaff and distraction as they don’t benefit from any of the abilities that the rest of the Orruks in the army have. Going with my rule of naming all these units, these would be called “Grolbokz Slittaz” and “Da Gnashwater Runtz”.

On the admin side of things I chose to take a settlement as the single territory I was allowed which I named Gnashwater, and this was purely for narrative reasons to give the army somewhere to call home. I named the fort Gnashwater Fort, because I was starting to struggle with the names…..

As a core enhancement I chose to give my Warlord (Gollok Spleenchewa) the Battle-Lust trait, this allows him to re-roll run and charge rolls, hopefully meaning that he will get into combat when he needs to, especially if performing a charge inside the Boggy Mist that Zolhag Grotthrottler can call upon.

As a quest I chose Scout fertile lands, which gives me the option of adding another territory pretty much after the first battle.


Gollok SpleenchewaKillaboss on Great Gnashtoof200
Zolhag GrotthrottlerSwampcalla Shaman 125
Raggrogg an’ iz Stikkaz10 Gutrippaz180
Gorlogz Sneaky Boyz10 Gutrippaz180
Gnashwater Man-Skewerz3 Man-Skewer Bolt Boyz120
Grolbogz Slittaz10 Hobgrot Slittaz95
Da Gnashwater Runtz10 Hobgrot Slittaz95
Gollokz Swampcrawlaz

Path to Glory – Introduction


Starting in August the guys at Woehammer are taking part in their own Path to Glory campaign. However is one with a twist, as we’re going to incorporate an actual 3D map!

The island of Losille

Right now, the guys are all deciding what armies they should play, as well as what starting size they’d like to be (as well as getting ready for Carnage next weekend). It’s been agreed that it doesn’t matter what starting size you pick, but if you fight a smaller army, then you must pick units from your roster to suit that size battle.

The game will also be using fog of war rules, so each player will be given a number of options as there starting location, which they then list in order of preference. Once it’s been revealed which starting location they’ve been given, each player will be shown the territories bordering their own and battle can commence.

Battles will take place in the same manner as a normal Path to Glory game, and players can claim territory from spending glory points after a game. However, once players have decided what they want that territory to be (i.e. Old Fort etc), then it remains as such even when taken over by another player.

The rules for the campaign are here:

As the game progresses we’re hoping the map will reflect the players choices in the campaign, with players being responsible for building on and naming territory.

I’ll write an article each month summarising what’s happened as well as posting regular YouTube videos of the battles themselves.